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Team Honours


Division I


1996/7 Champions: QECC1

1997/8Champions: QECC1


1999/0Champions:Taunton Tigers

2000/1Champions:Torbay Tigers

2001/2 Champions:Torbay Tigers

2002/3 Champions:Exeter University

2003/4 Champions:Taunton Revolution

2004/5 Champions:Torbay Tigers

2005/6Champions:Taunton Tigers Too

2006/7 Champions:Torbay Tigers

2007/8 Champions:Torbay Tigers

Runner’s Up:Exeter University I

2008/9 Champions:Exeter University I

Runner’s Up:Torbay Tigers

2009/10Champions:Broadclyst Bandits

Runner’s Up:Exeter University I

2010/11Champions:Torbay Tigers

Runner’s Up:Exeter University I

2011/12Champions: Exeter University I

Runner’s Up:Exeter Nomads

2012/13Champions: Exeter University I

Runner’s Up:Taunton Tigers Development

2013/14Champions:    Exeter University I

Runner’s Up:  YMCA Torbay Tigers

2014/15Champions:    Torbay Tigers

Runner’s Up:  Exeter University I


Runner’s Up:Torbay Tigers

2016/17Champions:Exeter University I

Runner’s Up:Nomads

2017/18Champions:Exeter University I

Runner’s Up:Nomads


Division II

1997/8 Champions:Newton Abbot


1999/0Champions:Exeter Police

2000/1Champions:Exeter Police

2001/2Champions:West Exe Nomads

2002/3Champions:Exeter Police

2003/4 Champions:BCA Bombers

2004/5Not staged

2005/6Not staged

2006/7Not staged


2008/9Champions:North Devon

Runner’s Up:Newton Abbot Pacers

2009/10Champions:Newton Abbot Pacers

Runner’s Up:Devon Peelers

2010/11Champions:Exeter University II

Runner’s Up:Broadclyst Bullets

2011/12Champions:Exeter University III

Runner’s Up:North Devon

2012/13Champions: YMCA Torbay Tigers

Runner’s Up:Devon Peelers

2013/14Champions:    Exmouth Jesters I

Runner’s Up:QE Crediton Chargers

2014/15Champions:    QE Crediton Chargers

Runner’s Up:Torbay Tofs

2015/16Champions:Exeter College

Runner’s Up:Broadclyst

2016/17Champions:Exeter University II

Runner’s Up:Torbay Tigers Too

2017/18Champions:Exmouth Knights

Runner’s Up:North Devon


Men’s Division III


Runner’s Up:North Devon



Ladies Division

1996/7Champions:Exeter College

1997/8Champions:Exeter College

1998/9Champions:Exeter College


2000/1Champions:Newton Abbot Pacers

2001/2Champions:Exeter University

2002/3Champions:Taunton Tigers

2003/4Champions:Exeter Eagles

2004/5Champions:SCAT Tornadoes

2005/6Champions:SCAT Tornadoes

2006/7Champions:Newton Abbot Pacers

2007/8Champions:Newton Abbot Pacers

Runner’s Up:Exeter Police

2008/9Champions:Newton Abbot Pacers

Runner’s Up:Exeter Police

2009/10Champions:Newton Abbot Pacers

Runner’s Up:Exeter Police

2010/11Champions:Exeter University

Runner’s Up:Isca Bolts

2011/12Champions:Exeter University

Runner’s Up:Isca Bolts

2012/13Champions: Taunton Tigers

Runner’s Up:Exeter University

2013/14Champions:Taunton Tigers

Runner’s Up:Exeter Eagles

2014/15Champions:Newton Abbot Pacers

Runner’s Up:Isca Bolts

2015/16Champions:Plymouth Raiders

Runner’s Up:Newton Abbot Pacers

2016/17Champions:Newton Abbot Pacers

Runner’s Up:Exeter University I

2017/18Champions:Newton Abbot Pacers

Runner’s Up:Plymouth Raiders



Men’s Cup


2000Champions:Taunton Tigers

2001Champions:Exeter University

2002Champions:Taunton Revolution

2003Champions:Exeter University

2004Champions:Torbay Tigers

2005Champions:Taunton Revolution

2006Champions:Torbay Tigers

2007Champions:Torbay Tigers

2008Champions:Torbay Tigers

2009Champions:Torbay Tigers

2010 Champions:Torbay Tigers (MVP John ELLIS – Torbay Tigers)

2011Champions:Exeter University

2012Champions:Exeter University

2013Champions:Taunton Tigers Development

2014Champions:YMCA Torbay Tigers

2015Champions:Torbay Tigers

2016Champions:Torbay Tigers

2017Champions:Exeter University I

2018Champions:Exeter University I



Ladies Cup

1988Champions:Exeter University

1989Champions:Exeter University

1990Champions:St Peters

1991Champions:Exeter University


1993Champions:Exeter University



2001Champions:Exeter University

2002Champions:Newton Abbot Pacers

2003Champions:Taunton Tigers

2004Champions:Taunton Tornadoes

2005Champions:SCAT Tornadoes

2006Champions:SCAT Tornadoes

2007Champions:Newton Abbot Pacers

2008Champions:Exeter Eagles

2009Champions:Exeter Police

2010 Champions:Exeter Eagles (MVP Emily DUNN – Exeter Eagles)

2011Champions:Exeter University

2012 Champions:Exeter University

2013Champions:Taunton Tigers


2015Champions:Plymouth Raiders

2016Champions:Plymouth Raiders

2017Champions:Plymouth Raiders



Men’s Plate

2009 Champions:Nomads

2010 Champions:Nomads (MVP Andrew PIKE – Nomads)

2011Champions:Broadclyst Bullets

2012 Champions:Torbay Tigers

2013Champions:North Devon








Ladies Plate

1993Champions:Jea Jets

1994Champions:Guildhall Panthers

1995Champions:Yeovil College

1996Champions:Guildhall Panthers

1997Champions:St Peters

1998Champions:Newton Abbot Panthers

1999Champions:Exeter University


2001Champions:Newton Abbot Pacers


2003Champions:Newton Abbot Pacers

2009 Champions:Taunton Tigers Academy

2010 Not Staged

2011Champions:Exeter Eagles White

2012 Champions:Taunton Huish Tigers

2013Not Staged


2015Champions:Plymouth University

2016Not Staged



Division I Play-Off Winners

2009 Exeter University I

2010 Nomads (MVP James Morgan)

2011 Torbay Tigers

2012 Exeter University I

2013Exeter University I

2014Exeter University I (MVP Tadas KRIVICKAS)

2015Torbay Tigers (MVP Jordan GRINDROD)

2016Exmouth Jesters I (MVP Mike LEWIS)

2017Exeter University I

2018Exeter University I


Division II Play-Off Winners / Inter Division Play Off Winners

2009 Newton Abbot Pacers

2010 Newton Abbot Pacers (MVP Robin Wilding-Webb)

2011 Broadclyst Bullets

2012 Exeter University III

2013YMCA Torbay Tigers

2014Weymouth Cowboys (MVP Vitoldas BALCIUNAS)

2015Exmouth Jesters I (MVP Stephan WERTHAVER)

2016Exeter College (MVP Josh CLIFFORD-WILLIAMS)

2017Exeter College

2018Exmouth Knights


Ladies Play-Off Winners

2009 Exeter Police

2010 Exeter Eagles (MVP Maria Sevchenko)

2011 Exeter Eagles White

2012 Exeter University

2013 Exeter University

2014Newton Abbot Pacers (MVP Rebecca SHORT)

2015Newton Abbot Pacers (MVP Lin MEI-YIN)

2016Newton Abbot Pacers (MVP Rebecca SHORT)

2017Newton Abbot Pacers

2018Exeter University


Fair Play Shield

2010Devon Peelers (women)

2011 Devon Peelers (women)

2012 Exeter University (women)

2013 Weymouth Raiders (Div II)

2014Broadclyst (Div I)

2015Exmouth Jesters II (Div II)


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