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Tuesday April 24 2018 
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Mar 9, 20187:15 pmPlymouth Raiders56Newton Abbot Pacers62City College, PL1 5QG (Raiders)Regular Season
Mar 7, 20188:15 pmWeymouth Huskies49Exeter University 36Budmouth College, DT4 9SY (Weymouth 2013)Regular Season
Mar 5, 20187:30 pmDevon Peelers40Exeter University 65Middlemoor, EX2 7HQ (Police)Regular Season
Feb 26, 20188:45 pmNewton Abbot Pacers74Weymouth Huskies27Middlemoor, EX2 7HQ (Police)Regular Season
Feb 26, 20187:15 pmPlymouth Raiders66Devon Peelers18Middlemoor, EX2 7HQ (Police)Regular Season
Feb 20, 20187:15 pmNewton Abbot Pacers87Exeter University 28Coombeshead College, TQ12 1PT (Newton Pacers)Regular Season
Feb 19, 20187:30 pmDevon Peelers26Plymouth Raiders56Middlemoor, EX2 7HQ (Police)Regular Season
Feb 11, 201812:00 pmWeymouth Huskies59Plymouth Raiders52Budmouth College, DT4 9SY (Weymouth 2013)Regular Season
Feb 7, 20188:15 pmWeymouth Huskies19Newton Abbot Pacers57Budmouth College, DT4 9SY (Weymouth 2013)Regular Season
Feb 5, 20188:15 pmExeter University 63Devon Peelers38University Sports Centre, EX4 4QN (University)Regular Season
Jan 29, 20187:30 pmDevon Peelers32Newton Abbot Pacers74Middlemoor, EX2 7HQ (Police)Regular Season
Jan 23, 2018
Forfeited Unless Played
7:15 pmNewton Abbot Pacers20 OTPlymouth Raiders0Coombeshead College, TQ12 1PT (Newton Pacers)Regular Season
Jan 22, 20187:30 pmDevon Peelers47Exeter University 39Middlemoor, EX2 7HQ (Police)Regular Season
Jan 17, 20188:15 pmWeymouth Huskies49Devon Peelers33Budmouth College, DT4 9SY (Weymouth 2013)Regular Season
Jan 16, 2018
7:15 pmNewton Abbot Pacers35Plymouth Raiders36Coombeshead College, TQ12 1PT (Newton Pacers)Regular Season
Jan 13, 20183:00 pmPlymouth Raiders62Weymouth Huskies36City College, PL1 5QG (Raiders)Regular Season
Dec 11, 20178:15 pmExeter University 79Plymouth Raiders51University Sports Centre, EX4 4QN (University)Regular Season
Dec 8, 20177:15 pmPlymouth Raiders67Exeter University 26City College, PL1 5QG (Raiders)Regular Season
Dec 4, 20177:15 pmNewton Abbot Pacers72Devon Peelers37Middlemoor, EX2 7HQ (Police)Regular Season
Nov 27, 20177:30 pmDevon Peelers36Weymouth Huskies34Middlemoor, EX2 7HQ (Police)Regular Season
Nov 27, 2017
Forfeited By Uni
7:15 pmNewton Abbot Pacers20 OTExeter University 0Middlemoor, EX2 7HQ (Police)Regular Season
Nov 13, 20177:30 pmDevon Peelers46Weymouth Huskies44Middlemoor, EX2 7HQ (Police)Regular Season
Nov 6, 20177:30 pmPlymouth Raiders56Weymouth Huskies45Middlemoor, EX2 7HQ (Police)Regular Season
Oct 31, 20177:15 pmNewton Abbot Pacers54Devon Peelers31Coombeshead College, TQ12 1PT (Newton Pacers)Regular Season
Oct 30, 20177:30 pmWeymouth Huskies49Exeter University 43Middlemoor, EX2 7HQ (Police)Regular Season
Oct 17, 20177:15 pmNewton Abbot Pacers46Weymouth Huskies55Coombeshead College, TQ12 1PT (Newton Pacers)Regular Season
Oct 16, 20177:15 pmPlymouth Raiders55Exeter University 59Middlemoor, EX2 7HQ (Police)Regular Season
Oct 13, 20177:15 pmPlymouth Raiders46Devon Peelers33City College, PL1 5QG (Raiders)Regular Season
Oct 9, 20178:15 pmExeter University 37Newton Abbot Pacers84University Sports Centre, EX4 4QN (University)Regular Season
Oct 2, 20178:15 pmExeter University 32Weymouth Huskies55University Sports Centre, EX4 4QN (University)Regular Season

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