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Cup Games Removed From Fixture List
Feb 5, 2013, 8:40 pm

The cup games have been removed from the fixture list as they were causing confusion on the league table, hopefully it is a lot clearer now for all.

Pacers Start New Season In Style
Jan 22, 2013, 5:51 pm



EXETER EAGLES                           51



Considering that this was the first game after the Christmas break, Pacers started in excellent form; they not only moved the ball effectively in offence but they also finished their moves with some clinical shooting, whilst in defence their constant pressure on the ball limited Eagles to few clear cut scoring opportunities. As a result Pacers held a healthy lead, 17-4, at the first break. At the start of the second period Eagles moved the ball in offence with much more speed resulting in many more openings in the Pacers defence which the visiting team duly capitalised on. As the scores between the two teams narrowed, Pacers changed the shape of their defence to once again take the upper hand and consequently, by half time, Pacers had extended their lead to 34-15.

For the second half Eagles changed the style of their defence, which Pacers very quickly countered enabling them to move their score onto 41 points without further reply by the visitors. The remainder of the period was a fairly even affair between the two teams so Pacers reached the third break 49-24 ahead. It was just as well Pacers had built up such a substantial lead because in the final period Eagles came out with all guns blazing in their offensive work with shots flying in from all angles. As a result Eagles scored 27 points in the final 10 minutes of the game compared to the 24 points in the previous 30 minutes. However, whilst there was so much emphasis on their attacking play Eagles did leave gaps in their defence which Pacers were able to exploit keeping their score ticking over and maintaining a sufficient lead to end up comfortable winners 69-51.

This was very much an unexpected victory, considering the 20 point loss earlier in the season, but Eagles were missing some players due to exam commitments. However during the game Pacers played some of their best basketball of the season particularly with the players’ movement off the ball and the quality of their passing.      


Scorers/Players: K. Lee 15, A. Sinden15, J.Hodge 13, S. Martin 10, L. Maestro-Valido 10,

T. Prout 2, G. Sinden 2, E. Stainforth 2 and L. Baines

Christmas Message
Dec 24, 2012, 1:31 pm

From all at the Exeter and District Basketball Association Executive we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year when the second half of the season starts!


All the best for your break - go out and enjoy yourselves.

Tigers Prove Too Strong For Pacers
Nov 20, 2012, 9:24 pm

NA PACERS                          38      TAUNTON TIGERS             75

Results from the start of this season show that the current Taunton Tigers team are stronger than the team that knocked Pacers out of the play-off finals at the end of last season, so this was always going to be a difficult game. However, the opening minutes of the game were fairly even as both teams struggled to break down the good man to man marking systems and half way through the first period Tigers held a slender lead at 7-4 points. Then the visitor’s tall players started to dominate inside the key to extend their lead to seven points. A change in defensive formation by Pacers to close off the space inside had the result of opening up the perimeter court for the Tigers outside shooters and their sharp shooting took the game away from Pacers as Tigers led 22-9 at the first break.

In the second period Tigers broke down whatever defensive shape Pacers put before them, whilst in offence Pacers did not generate sufficient movement off the ball to create many clear cut scoring opportunities. Consequently during the second quarter Tigers extended their lead to be 37-19 ahead at half-time.

A dreadful defensive start by Pacers in the second half allowed Tigers to score 12 points in the opening minutes with only a solitary basket at the other end being Pacers offensive response. Pacers did manage to slow Tigers scoring rate for the remainder of the period as they became more aggressive under their boards. In offence there were signs of better movement off the ball but the accuracy in the shooting let the team down so by the third break the score was 62-30 in Tigers favour.  

In the final period, chasing a target score of 40 points, Pacers made a better start and created scoring opportunities to potentially close the gap on Tigers, but their shooting again let the team performance down and so Tigers finished the game 37 points ahead winning 75-38. Coach, Andy Sinden’s verdict was that “this was a tough experience for the Pacers players, but one from which they will have learnt a lot.”


Scorers/Players: H. Tranter 10, A. Sinden 6, L. Baines 5, K. Tranter 5, P. Bateman 4,             S. Martin 2, J. Hodge 2, C. Musgrove 2, E. Stainforth 2, H. Burton and J. Churchwood.

Team Work Moves Peelers To Joint Top (At Least For A Day)
Nov 11, 2012, 10:03 am

The long trip home from Weymouth was a much happier place for Devon Peelers following their convincing 81 – 48 win. Joint top – at least for a day!


It was going to be a tough night for Peelers with a reduced team against a full strength Weymouth side but sometimes the team work really does pay off and this evening was going to be no different.


Peelers’ game is built on a strong defence, and their zone was impregnable this evening to all apart from Weymouth’s MVP DANIELS. Paul BURNS, Shane JOHNSTON and Karl ROWLAND decided no one would pass or get an easy shot and that is what happened, George MORRIS chased whichever ball carrier decided to bring the ball down for Weymouth and this robustness led to only 6 points being conceded in the first quarter.


In offence Peelers were imaginative, with cuts and trailers and crisp passing the ball ended up with someone with an easy lay-up (they are only easy if you score!) The points were being scored from everywhere, led by MVP Alex BOARDMAN 25 points, and supported by George MORRIS 17 points, Karl ROWLAND 16 points, Chris SHAKYA 11 points and a returning Buster 8 points Weymouth at times were chasing shadows.


A touch night for Weymouth, as they met Peelers in top form and they didn’t want to travel the long journey home deflated – instead it was celebrated with a kebab and the local!

Recognition to Max Matthews For 40 Years Service
Nov 5, 2012, 8:31 pm


Norman Waldron (Left), Max Matthews (Centre) and Rick Wooldridge (Right).
Norman (Chairman Devon Schools Basketball) and Rick (Secretary Devon Schools Basketball) presented Max with a silver salver to recognise his 40 years service to Devon Schools Basketball as Treasurer.
Amazingly, Max also represented Boys Hockey, Soccer and Basketball at the Devon Council of School Sports throughout this 40 year period.
Max was an outstanding basketball referee in the Exeter & District Basketball Leagues for many years.  This was recognised by a presentation to him by the League 3 years ago.

Peelers Prove That Lightning Does Strike Twice!
Oct 30, 2012, 9:22 am

For the second time in a week, Peelers have beaten their opposition with a buzzer beating down town Shakya 3 pointer!!

Watching Peelers or indeed playing for them is guaranteed to age you, last week it was Exmouth Jesters, this week North Devon came to town. North Devon who haven't been on their best form this season so far were to be no walk overs and once again Peelers allowed their opposition to get the better start with a quick fire 9 - 0 head start, Defence then became the game for Peelers with a tight man-to-man that leveled the game 12 each at the end of the first quarter 8 unanswered points.

the second quarter started the same as the first with North Devon forging ahead and finishing up with a 29 -23 half time lead with MEAKER and RICHARDSON proving the thron in Peelers side.

Peelers were going to have to up their game in the second half, reverting to a zone defence would be the answer - or not as it seemed, good ball movement by North Devon left Barry WRIGHT free numerous times for a long 2 point shot which would increase their lead to 43 - 36 with 10 minutes to play.

The final countdown was awaiting, again Peelers seemed to have no answer, despite all their pressure WRIGHT popped up again and again for a 2 point shot, thankfully Peelers Dave PRYWATA brought his shooting points along to keep them in the frame but with just a minute on the clock left North Devon had a 57 - 45 lead (their biggest margin of the evening).

Coach BURNS used the new rule and called a Time Out in the final minutes after conceding a basket to put the ball in at the 3 point line, the play was to get Mark Leach free for a 3 pointer - bang in it went! 57 - 48. Karl ROWLAND came on for Dave PRYWATA who was running out of puff after his baskets. Turnover ball, Gareth COOPER straight to the bucket, 57 - 50. Turnover ball, Mark LEACH downtown 3 pointer - BOOM!! 57 - 53 as the game entered the final minute.

North Devon were wobbling and Peelers were on a roll, turnover. Mark LEACH another 3 pointer (where has this boy been all the game?) 57 - 56, end line possession, Karl ROWLAND gets a touch on the inbound ball straight to COOPER under the bucket - 57 - 58, Peelers take the lead for the first time in the match - can they hold on?

North Devon get the ball in this time and Rob WREY makes for the other end of the court and is fouled on his way to the basket, two free throws but only one goes in 58 - 58.

Another time out called, ball in on the 3 point line with 5 seconds left, the play, take the last shot DO NOT LOSE POSSESSION! Inbound ball, intercepted, but immediately retrieved by Chris SHAKYA, dribbles free, shot from near the table on the half way line as the buzzer sounds - yes you guessed it - 3 POINTS, all string no back board! Game Won 61 - 58!

Chris SHAKYA likes the glory, only basket of the game for him and like last week a 3 pointer on the buzzer to win the game - don't come to watch Peelers' games if you have a heart defect!

A solid performance for North Devon, and on paper their best this season, MVP for them Barry WRIGHT with 23 points, Mark LEACK took MVP for Peelers with 17 points and those important three 3 pointers in the last minute, Dave PRYWATA a quick 13 points to keep Peelers in the game during the last quarter - but the game won by Chris SHAKYA.

A word for Coach BURNS who used his motivational skills and knowledge to ease Peelers to the win.

Eagles Pip Pacers In Their Own Back Yard
Oct 24, 2012, 4:52 pm



EXETER EAGLES                            73



The opening minutes of this Exeter and District League game saw some excellent perimeter shooting from both teams as three 3-point baskets were scored in the first four minutes of the game but with Eagles just holding the advantage at 8-5. With Pacers adjusting their defence to the excellent perimeter shooting by Eagles more space was left in and around the ring which was duly exploited by the Exeter team as they went on to score the next five baskets and extend their lead to 12 points. During the closing minutes of this first period Pacers made a slight recovery as good interplay between Heidi and Katie Tranter managed to break the intense defensive play of the Eagles team to leave the score 17-11 in Eagles favour.

During the first part of the second period the game was evenly matched with both teams working hard to generate scoring opportunities and the score moved on to 25-19. During this passage of play Sian Martin, for Pacers, was outstanding in her defensive work and scoring half of Pacers points in the second period.   Unfortunately for Pacers for the remainder of the period they lost the rebounding battle on the backboards and by half-time Eagles had extended their lead to be 32-23 ahead.

At the start of the second half the Pacers players really struggled to get free of the Eagles man to man marking system; that is all except Ali Sinden, who managed to keep the Pacers scoring ticking over. However defensively Pacers did not cope with the excellent offensive movement of the Eagles players and in no time at all Eagles had extended their lead to 52-31. Another late recovery by Pacers at the back end of this period at least gave the score of 54-38 a semblance of respectability at the third break.  

A burst of scoring by Pacers at the start of the final period cut Eagles lead to just 11 points giving Pacers a brief hope that they could get back into the game.   However a lack of defensive cover by Pacers under the ring allowed Eagles to forge ahead yet again and to win the game comfortably 74-53.


Whilst pleased to have scored over 50 points in such a competitive game coach, Andy Sinden, said that if Pacers are going to edge ahead in the these games they will need to have much greater movement off the ball in offense and be much stronger rebounding under the boards.


Scorers/Players: H.Tranter 19, A. Sinden 8, J. Hodge 7, S. Martin 6, H. Burton 4,

K. Tranter 4, P. Bateman 3, J. Churchward 2, L. Baines and E. Stainforth.

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