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Eagles Pip Pacers In Their Own Back Yard
Oct 24, 2012, 4:52 pm



EXETER EAGLES                            73



The opening minutes of this Exeter and District League game saw some excellent perimeter shooting from both teams as three 3-point baskets were scored in the first four minutes of the game but with Eagles just holding the advantage at 8-5. With Pacers adjusting their defence to the excellent perimeter shooting by Eagles more space was left in and around the ring which was duly exploited by the Exeter team as they went on to score the next five baskets and extend their lead to 12 points. During the closing minutes of this first period Pacers made a slight recovery as good interplay between Heidi and Katie Tranter managed to break the intense defensive play of the Eagles team to leave the score 17-11 in Eagles favour.

During the first part of the second period the game was evenly matched with both teams working hard to generate scoring opportunities and the score moved on to 25-19. During this passage of play Sian Martin, for Pacers, was outstanding in her defensive work and scoring half of Pacers points in the second period.   Unfortunately for Pacers for the remainder of the period they lost the rebounding battle on the backboards and by half-time Eagles had extended their lead to be 32-23 ahead.

At the start of the second half the Pacers players really struggled to get free of the Eagles man to man marking system; that is all except Ali Sinden, who managed to keep the Pacers scoring ticking over. However defensively Pacers did not cope with the excellent offensive movement of the Eagles players and in no time at all Eagles had extended their lead to 52-31. Another late recovery by Pacers at the back end of this period at least gave the score of 54-38 a semblance of respectability at the third break.  

A burst of scoring by Pacers at the start of the final period cut Eagles lead to just 11 points giving Pacers a brief hope that they could get back into the game.   However a lack of defensive cover by Pacers under the ring allowed Eagles to forge ahead yet again and to win the game comfortably 74-53.


Whilst pleased to have scored over 50 points in such a competitive game coach, Andy Sinden, said that if Pacers are going to edge ahead in the these games they will need to have much greater movement off the ball in offense and be much stronger rebounding under the boards.


Scorers/Players: H.Tranter 19, A. Sinden 8, J. Hodge 7, S. Martin 6, H. Burton 4,

K. Tranter 4, P. Bateman 3, J. Churchward 2, L. Baines and E. Stainforth.

Only The Result Matters!
Oct 20, 2012, 10:48 am

Where do you start? They say it’s not the points tally during the game that counts only the final result, and in the case of Exmouth Jesters I against Devon Peelers that was totally correct. Peelers left it late and the only times they led the match were from the tip off first basket and then with 7 seconds left!

Exmouth Jesters I were aware after watching Peelers against their second team last week that the early season nerves suffered by Peelers had gone and were determined not to give Peelers any time and were quick out of the blocks and built up a 9 point lead within five minutes. Peelers were playing a man to man defence and although was fairly tight Jesters continued to find their shot led by Graham GROVE and Richard THOMAS. GROVE continued the good play in the second period and had 11 of Jesters 32 points, Jesters inside play was being well marshalled but they led 32 – 22 at the half time break.

In the second half Peelers switched to their usual zone defence and Jesters outside shooting was misfiring, unable to penetrate the zone Peelers started chipping away at Jesters lead led by Adam COOPER, and birthday boy Sam CAVIN with some good defensive work. By the end of the third quarter Jesters lead was only 4 points.

The final quarter produced a lot of spirit from Jesters and with only 3 minutes remaining the match looked over with them leading by 6 points. A time out by coach BURNS instilled confidence in Peelers that the match wasn’t over and could be won by the defence, immediately led to Jesters not scoring for three offences in a row and Peelers scoring two offences and Chris SHAKYA being put on the line for two shots to draw the game level late in the 9th minute – he scored both, 54 – 54.

The game wasn’t over and Jesters went straight to the other end and scored followed immediately by a quick break and Chris SHAKYA being intentionally fouled from behind in the 10th minute. Again he needed to score both to level the game, despite his 100% record from the line he missed both! Another time out immediately called with 18 seconds left in the game and Jesters leading by 2, BURNS identified the move, the gap was created and SHAKYA sank a 3 pointer to lead the game with 7 seconds left.

Controversy then struck as Jesters went straight to the other end and missed their shot but the clock hadn’t started! Officials decided there was 3 seconds left on the clock and Peelers had possession. A tactical time out was called so the ball was put in at the Jesters end of the court in case of a quick turn over. Pressure on, and ball was entered into play successfully to Adam COOPER (top scorer with 21 points) who ran down the clock before being fouled on the buzzer and rubbing salt into the wounds by scoring both free throws from the line to leave Peelers taking the game 56 – 59.

Encounters between Jesters and Peelers are always close and exciting and this was to be no different, both sets of players congratulated each other at the end of a well contested match not without its controversy.

MVPs Shane Johnston (Peelers) 8 points, Frank HELMER (Jesters I) 8 points.

Tigers Maul Broadclyst In Home Court Advantage
Sep 29, 2012, 2:27 pm


Taunton Tigers 86 Broadclyst Bandits 44
This was only the second competitive game for the Tigers development squad which got off to a quick start. Broadclyst bandits got  into early foul trouble forcing them to sit players and limiting their rotations. 
Tigers managed to control the pace of the game from the offset although the bandits had spells Of good basketball in particular attacking gaps in the tigers zone defence, leading to a small run. They used their inside presence and at times out rebounded the taller tigers side.  However, the Bandits good spells were not enough to stem the flow of the tigers fast break led in particular by dan Howe. Callum Pincum also showed his shooting prowess on and off the dribble from around 15ft and This was capped off by with some European flare from some of tigers newest players who filled the lanes and took advantage of cavities within the oppositions defense. Broadclyst continued to play hard, led in particular by their point guard Lipinskis but the game ended with Tigers on top.Mark Schroeder had another good game as did Dan Howe and Ben Williams the three main scorers . Overall an encouraging game from a new team which has only just come together and still bonding .

If the first game is anything to go by, this is going to be one hell of a Season!
Sep 25, 2012, 12:46 pm

A rainy day in Exeter was the setting for Exeter Nomads first game of the season against new league entrants Taunton Tigers - and what a game is was to be, and not without a bit of controversy!

Exeter Nomads finished second in the league last season but have lost what could have been considered as substantial players, at least one being in the starting five, but the game plan was different and the result unexpected.

The game was nip and tuck through the first half with Nomads edging the score 37 - 35, but then came the thrid quarter and Nomads took that by 5 points providing them with the biggest lead of the match 62 - 55. Taunton weren't finished though and the points suddenly dried up for Nomads and the game slowly began to slip away, then as the buzzer sounded for the end of the game the ball was in the air and in slow motion the basket was scored to a rapture of cheers from the Taunton side as they levelled the match on the buzzer - 86 - 86.

Then came the controversy, although the ball had clearly left the hand prior to the sounding of the buzzer, it appeared and was totally possible that there was an issue with the time keeping and the buzzer might have sounded late! Frantic discussions between all the officials led to both coaches being called to the middle of the court and informed of the decision of the officials - the basket would count and the game was going into an extra period, 5 minutes each way for the teams to fight out for the result - no matches are drawn in basketball, only winners and losers!

Nomads entered the extra period with a hangover of the final decision and quickly went behind 89 - 94 with less than two minutes left. Up strolled MVP for Nomads Alex Boyle who scored 8 of the last 12 points of the game, and Nomads ran out winners 99 - 98.

The game was the winner in this match, well fought by both sides, MVP for Taunton was Schroeder with 29 points including three '3 pointers', Alex BOYLE 35 points and Henri LITTLE 34 points including four '3 pointers' were the main players for Nomads but both teams deserve praise for a very entertaining game, the season is looking good! 

Check Out New Rules For The 2012/13 Season
Sep 16, 2012, 7:11 pm

New rules highlighted on 'The Whistle Blower' tab with a download of the full playing rules.

Changes in relation to reset of the 'Shot Clock' are the main chang.

Plus kit rules that no undergarments are to be worn past the length of a player's shorts regardless of the colour.

Basketball referee earns dream FIBA commission
Aug 24, 2012, 10:53 pm



A CITY basketball referee will officiate at top international and club games across the globe this season.

Darren Bolt, 44, born and bred in Plymouth, referees in the BBL, British basketball's top flight which includes Plymouth Raiders.

He received a rare invite from the game's governing body globally, FIBA, to bid to become an international commissioner.

Commissioners don't operate in the BBL, but elsewhere in basketball they play a key role at games, assessing referees and running the officials' table.

Bolt successfully passed stringent tests to become a commissioner at a three-day clinic in Freising, Germany.

Bolt is now on FIBA's active commissioner list for the next four years and is expecting his first call as early as next month.

It could be anything from a big international or top club game in European basketball's Euroleague, the equivalent of football's Champions League.

"It's fantastic. I'm still struggling to process how big an achievement it is," said Bolt, who has also been a police officer full-time in Plymouth for 13 years.

"I never, ever, thought this opportunity would be open to me, but to have it now is remarkable."

BBL arenas, at their best like Newcastle Eagles', can hold up to 3,000 people, but powerhouse clubs like Spain's Real Madrid boast 15,000-seater homes.

In short, if you thought the Pavilions got rowdy during Raiders games on Saturday nights, think again.

Bolt said: "I can't even begin to imagine some of the places and arenas I'm going to get to.

"I'm hoping my first call will be in September/October. They will book my travel and hotel, and I'll come back and share that experience with other referees locally."

Bolt feels even more privileged by his basketball promotion, because FIBA commissioners are typically, and naturally, ex-FIBA referees.

Bolt has never been nor will he ever be an elite FIBA referee.

He said: "Traditionally FIBA commissioners are born out of FIBA referees, so to be invited along as someone who has never refereed at that level I guess is unique.

"It came out of the blue, but it's something I'm going to grasp with both hands."

He added: "The commissioner's role, along with the referees and table officials, is to manage the game and whole event.

"It is, of course, to make sure the game is played within the rules and regulations, and it is to give referees good quality assessment and feedback after the game.

"In British basketball commissioners were done away with a while ago I guess due to costs. But across Europe and basketball globally they are very much part of the game."

Bolt is a familiar face at Raiders games and has refereed in the BBL for the last eight years.

He said: "I can officiate at the highest level in Britain, but I can't now become a FIBA referee because I'm too old.

"The cut-off point to become a FIBA referee is 36, so that's something that's passed me by."

Bolt will have to pass the BBL's annual written and fitness exam over the weekend of September 8/9 to ensure he referees Raiders games again in 2012/13.

He said: "Refereeing in the BBL is dependent upon passing written tests and fitness tests annually, but I'm feeling good, so touch wood I will be refereeing in the BBL again this season.

"I think it's right the BBL does that. I don't think anybody should have a divine right to referee in the league. If you're refereeing at the top level, you need to continue to prove you're also at that level."

League Entry for 2012 / 13
May 19, 2012, 11:59 am

League entry forms for 2012/13 are now available via the 'Download' tab - entries have to be in by the AGM on 13th June - any issues please email the General Secretary via the 'Contact Us' tab.

Please let us know as soon as possible for the new season so that we can prepare during the 'close season' for you.

The league will run from 17th September to 15 December and from 7th January until the 19th March with the Play Off Finals on 24th March 2013. 

South West Basketball Conference 24th June 2012 @ Paignton Sports Hub
May 18, 2012, 4:49 pm

Calling ALL coaches, table officials, referees, team managers, the South West Basketball Conference is being held at the Paignton College Sports Hub (where we held the Play Offs) on Sunday 24th June from 10am to 4.30am.

Cost £15 (if paid in advance) and includes LUNCH with a view of the zoo!

Members from Exeter and District Basketball Association can receive an extra £5 off (subject to conditions - please ask).

Practical sessions, lectures and discussions led by experienced contributors on the game’s latest developments to inspire you for next season! This is also for any aspiring coaches, table officials or referees.

Download of application form

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