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Sunday 25th March 2012 is Play - Off Final Day
Mar 20, 2012, 8:27 pm

All are welcome to drop in and support all the twelve teams competing in the Play Off Finals. This year they are being hosted at 'The Hub', Paignton Community College, Waterleat Road, Paignton and it is nice to see that three 'local' teams will be in contention.

Anyone can drop in and your support will be gladly received by the players who will need all their strength and energy as they play two games in a day to secure the Trophy.


Exeter University III


Exmouth Jesters


North Devon


YMCA Torbay Tiger Cubs


Exeter University


Exeter Eagles Red


Taunton Huish Tigers


Newton Abbot Pacers


Exeter University I / Exeter Nomads




Exeter Nomads / Exeter University I


Torbay Tigers


Div II 3rd and 4th Place






Div II Final


Women’s 3rd and 4th Place






Women’s Final


Div I 3rd and 4th Place






Div I Final

Back To Winning Ways For Pacers
Feb 25, 2012, 11:53 am



PLYMOUTH UNIVERSITY                       31


Looking for their first win in five games, Pacers faced, for the first time this season, the lowly placed Plymouth University Women’s team with great optimism but all did not go to plan in the opening minutes of the game! With some very slack defending and poor shooting, Pacers found themselves 8-0 down mid-way through the first period. With a change of players on court Pacers gained a foothold into the game as their defence tightened up to stop the flow of University baskets whilst at the other end their shooting started to find the target. As a result, at the first break, Pacers had made a slight recovery to be behind 5-10.

The second period was a different story altogether. Pacers, being much more fluent in their offensive work, created numerous scoring opportunities and, with clinical finishing, added a further 20 points to their score by half time. Defensively there was much more intensity by Pacers and it looked at one stage as though the home team would concede only one basket in the second quarter. However, a couple of defensive lapses just before the break meant the score at half time was 25-16.

In the second half, with Pacers very much in control of the game, their lead was very quickly extended to 16 points. Pacers then lost the dynamic movement in offence and intensity in defence allowing Plymouth University to dominate the latter proceedings of the period so that at the third break they were just 11 points behind at 38-27.   The final quarter saw Pacers maintain their good level of performance throughout, finishing the game comfortably 51-31. After the initial scare, Pacers were very pleased to be back to winning ways but, more importantly, they had scored more than 50 points in a game for the first time this season.


Scorers/Players: L. Bukackova 11, A.Sinden 11, P. Rothwell 8, E. Stainforth 6, G. Sinden 5,

C. Musgrove 3, S. Martin 2, H. Burton, T. Burton and J. Churchward.

Tough Game For Pacers at Uni
Feb 25, 2012, 11:49 am



EXETER UNIVERSITY                   69



Facing the Exeter and District League leaders, Exeter University, on their home court was always going to be a tough fixture, and so it proved!

In defence Pacers were up against a very tall and mobile University team, so their strategy to prevent the opposition from scoring was to pack as many defenders as possible as quickly as possible around their ring. However, as the University players started to score 3 point baskets early in the game, Pacers had to respond by pushing further out and the space that this left close to the ring was fully exploited by the University ladies to enable them to continue their high scoring rate for the remainder of the first period. In offence Pacers had to cope with a University full court press, but there were moments when they did have time and space around the University ring to shoot and there was a trickle of scoring, particularly from Ces Musgrove, so that at the end of the first period Pacers were behind 10-27.

In the second period Pacers, although they remained under pressure throughout the whole court opportunities to score were again created but this time shot selection was disappointing and no further score was made for the remainder of the half. The University’s shooting accuracy also dropped off, especially in the middle of the period and as a result the half time score ended 41-10 in University’s favour.

In the second half University dropped back in their defending and gave Pacers the new challenge of how to break down their man to man defence. The use of screens generally freed a Pacers player to receive a pass, but they failed to make the next screen to create the shooting opportunity. However, in this half, Pacers did at least score in both periods! At the other end of the court, University were running their offensive plays and it was their additional height that allowed them to finish off the play effectively and add more points on the board. Just to show that the University do not rely solely on their inside game they closed the match with two perimeter shots to win 69-24.

For the Pacers players the main feature of this game was its’ pace; frequent substitutions were required to allow players to catch their breath but, despite the heavy loss, they all enjoyed the game. If the Pacers players were required to play at this pace and intensity week in week out their game would rapidly improve!


Scorers/players: F. Musgrove 8, T. Burton 4, S. Martin 4, P. Rothwell 4, J. Churchward 2,   G. Sinden 2, H. Barber, H. Burton, A. Sinden and E. Stainforth

Early Christmas Present From Pacers
Jan 15, 2012, 4:29 pm


To pick up match tempo, without having played a game for over a month, was going to be a difficult task for Pacers. At the start of the game both teams showed good movement in offence generating clear shooting opportunities and just over half way through the period the scores were level at eight apiece. Then the Tigers full court defensive pressure began to pay off in disrupting Pacers offensive play. This led to the visitors scoring the next seven points and taking the upper hand in the game. At the first break Tigers still held the seven point advantage at 19-12.

In the second period Pacers could not contain Tigers’ more dynamic game and, as their lack of match fitness began to show, scoring became easier for the visitors. As a result by half-time Tigers were well ahead at 42-20. With a chance to catch their breath over the half time break, Pacers were much more solid defensively in the third period conceding only five baskets. At the other end of the court Pacers were occasionally able to open up a resolute Tigers defence picking up another eight points leaving the scores at 53-28 in Tigers favour at the end of the period.

In the final period the differing fitness levels between the teams became really apparent as Tigers took the ball to the hoop without the opposition in sight on numerous occasions. Consequently by the end of the game the gap between the two teams had widened further to 34-75 in favour of Tigers: in the New Year Pacers will need to pick up some match fitness quickly with a regular run of games.

However, despite the disappointing score, it was good to see some of the new players to the team this season score their first match points and, for the relatively new NA Pacers squad, the experience gained and progress made as a team in this game was actually quite encouraging.

Scorers/Players: A. Sinden14, E. Stainforth 6, F. Musgrove 4, H. Burton 2, J.Churchward 2, S. Martin 2, P. Rothwell 2, G. Sinden 2 and T. Burton.

Broadclyst blues
Oct 22, 2011, 10:26 pm

Broadclyst welcomed the Exeter Nomads to their court for the first time this season and were looking to turn around their first game defeat at the hands of the Nomads.


Broadclyst started well with point guard Imbo scoring the first points of the game but then struggled to find their range, thankfully good team defence also limited the visitors scoring. In the second quarter Broadclyst came out the stronger of the two teams and started to score from inside the paint and from distance. A change in defence also saw them force a number of turnovers and the home team finished the half worthy leaders 29 – 28. A flustered Nomads team took a full 10 minutes for half time to rest and compose themselves for the 2nd half.


This decision worked in their favour as the Nomads came out strong and turned around the deficit with some slick ball movement and accurate shooting from Halliday. At the start of the 4th quarter the visitors had opened up a 10 point lead and things looked ominous for broadclyst as they have struggled so far in the final quarter this year. Broadclyst didn’t need to worry though as they came out fighting and thanks to some great outside shooting by Imbo and new boy Clavey they clawed back to within 5 points but just couldn’t close those last few points. With the final period drawn 20 – 20 the Nomads finished 63 – 73 winners.


Pacers Have Last Laugh - Just!
Oct 22, 2011, 12:04 pm


DEVON PEELERS                          33


Lenka Bukachova, scoring three baskets in the opening three minutes, gave Pacers the perfect start to this Exeter and District League game, giving the home team an early 6-0 lead. Peelers, recognising the scoring threat in Pacers’ recent addition to the team, soon adjusted their defence to counter the threat. Pacers continued to create numerous scoring opportunities but the remaining players in the team could not finish well and as a result only one further basket was added to the score by the first break. At the other end of the court Pacers strong defence was eventually penetrated and slowly but surely Peelers main scoring threat in Gemma Twine started to find the mark and so the period finished with Peelers being just two points behind at 6-8. With both teams now adopting defensive strategies to deny key opponents scoring opportunities, it was up to the remaining players to score. The advantage fell Pacers way as Ali Sinden and Poppy Rothwell effectively took up the challenge enabling Pacers to gain a five point lead at half-time at 18-13.

The third period very much belonged to Pacers as a quicker pace to their offensive transition work created many gaps in Peelers defence which was taken full advantage of. Consequently Pacers raced away to be 31-17 ahead at the third break. With five quick points at the start of the final period the outcome of the game, for Pacers at least, did not seem to be in doubt at this late stage of the game. However, Pacers lost their shape in offence and resorted to taking rushed shots whilst some of their defensive work at the other end was very slack. Consequently Peelers went on a 14 point scoring run to narrow the gap between the two teams to just three points with less than a minute to go! With Pacers skilfully running down the clock Ali Sinden took a very deep 3-point shot attempt in the dying seconds of Pacers 24 second shot count. The ball flew through the hoop and the contest was over! The extended points gave the final score of 39-33 a little more respectability on a game that looked so comfortable for Pacers at that start of the final quarter.

Scorers/Players: A. Sinden 18, L. Bukackova 9, P. Rothwell 8, G. Sinden 2,

E. Stainforth 2, T. Burton, J. Churchward and S. Martin. 

Solid Team Performance Produces Results
Oct 16, 2011, 6:33 pm

NEWTON ABBOT PACERS                      49



TAUNTON HUISH TIGERS                       43



The opening basket of this game by Pacers was a pass and cut move straight from the training court; much to the delight of the coach! It also heralded a positive start by the visitors to this tough fixture against a Tigers team which included a number of ‘National League’ players. In fact the opening minutes of play were some of the best basketball played by Pacers this season and midway through the period they deservedly held an 8-2 lead. The remainder of the period saw both defences very much in control, yielding very little around their rings, and so by the first break the score had moved along to 12-6. Another positive start in the second period saw Pacers extend their lead to eleven points at 20-9 with some excellent shooting from Lucinda Baines and Jasmine Hodge. Then a couple of minutes of careless ball retention around Pacers ring allowed Tigers back into the game as the lead was cut down to just five points. A couple of baskets from Ali Sinden helped to stop the slide, but baskets by Tigers in the final minute of the half had the game finely balanced at 26-19 at half-time.

In the third period Pacers found scoring extremely difficult, coming up with only six points from the ten minutes of play. This was the result of some intense Tigers defensive work and when Pacers did penetrate to basket the resultant foul line shots were not taken advantage of, with only two points coming from a possible ten. At the other end Tigers were mixing up perimeter and inside baskets and so by the third break Pacers advantage was just down to three points at 32-29. In the final period Pacers recovered their composure in offence with Emily Ashford and Ali Sinden once again finding the ring and the gap between the two teams was back to seven points again. Then with the next three scores coming from Tigers the game suddenly could go either way; there was now just a single point in it at 40-41. Thankfully it was Pacers who held their nerve in the dying minutes of the game, scoring eight of the eleven points still to be scored by the end of the match, to come out 49-43 winners.

Although only four players in the team scored during the game, this victory was very much built on a strong squad performance with all of the players making significant contributions to the game.


Scorers/Players: A. Sinden 15, E. Ashford 14, J. Hodge 12, L. Baines 8, T. Burton,

J. Churchward, S. Martin, G. Sinden and E. Stainforth.

Pacers Stumble At Home To Isca
Oct 4, 2011, 3:22 pm

NA PACERS                          40


ISCA BOLTS                         67


Against last season’s league play-off winners, this was always going to be a difficult game for Pacers, so the home team needed to be on top form if they were going to get a positive result. For Pacers, at the start of the game, offensive ball movement was good, stretching the Isca defence, but the scoring opportunities were not capitalised upon as Pacers accuracy in their shooting was sadly lacking. At the other end of the court Isca were showing a clinical finish to their offensive play and as a result reached the first break 18-11 ahead. In the second period Pacers struggled even more with their shooting and so at half-time Isca held a commanding lead at 35-16.

In the second half Pacers started to compete with the visitors as they showed a better shape on court, both in defence and offence. As a result Pacers scored 12 points for the period whilst only conceding 13 points. With coach Sinden setting a target of winning the final period Pacers stepped up their game further in the final ten minutes. All looked good for the home team, until a late flourish of 8 points by Isca in the final minutes enabled the visitors to win the final period 19-12 and the game 67-40.   Despite the heavy loss there were times when Pacers showed that they can compete with one of the best teams in the Exeter and District League; that high level of performance just has to start from the very beginning and be maintained to the end of the game!


Scorers/Players: E. Ashford 13, L. Bukackova 8, A. Sinden 7, P. Rothwell 4,

L. Baines 4, G. Sinden 2, H. Burton 2, T. Burton, J. Churchward, S. Martin and             E. Stainforth

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