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Pacers Continue The Winning Trend
Mar 12, 2011, 12:35 pm



EXETER EAGLES                              35



Pacers could not have asked for a better start to their game against a young Exeter Eagles team. In attack Pacers broke through the Eagles man to man defence to score at ease with penetrative baskets from Ali Sinden and Lucinda Baines. In addition the Eagles players found it difficult to retain possession of the ball and the numerous turnovers allowed Pacers to use their very effective offensive transition work to add to the scoring, through Jasmine Hodge in particular. As a result, in a whirlwind of an opening three minutes Pacers had taken a 16-2 point lead. Following a second time out by Eagles, in the fourth minute, the home team did manage to stop the flow of scoring by Pacers as they reverted to a zone defence. With both teams now finding it difficult to open up packed defences, scoring became a premium for the remainder of the period as Pacers reached the first break 19-5 ahead. The second period became a very even affair as both teams continued to struggle to create scoring opportunities in and around the zone defences with Pacers edging the period 11-10 to finish ahead at half-time 30-15. In fact during the second part of the first half it was only Helena Wykes-Dart (Eagles) and Ali Sinden (Pacers) who scored with any regularity as they picked up seven points apiece.

At the start of the second half Pacers showed how to break down a zone defence with excellent player movement off the ball and quick passing to open up the gaps in the defence. Consequently within a six minute period Pacers had taken the game right away from Eagles by scoring 18 points whilst only conceding the one basket. Eagles made a slight recovery late in the period to leave the score 48-21 at the third break. In the final period Pacers lost their momentum as they struggled to maintain the pace in their ball movement and so once again the game became very evenly matched. However in the final minutes of the game Eagles put on a full-court press causing Pacers to turnover the ball in their own half resulting in a number of baskets for the Exeter team enabling them to win the final period 14-7. This was a game that very much ebbed and flowed but crucially when Pacers were on top they really were dominant which ensured a comfortable victory, 55-35, for the Newton Abbot team.


Scorers/Players: J. Hodge 16, A. Sinden 14, L. Baines 8, E. Ashford 7, G. Sinden 4,

H. Barber-Cheverall 4, V. Colegate 2, M. Bazam, H. Burton, T. Burton and P. Rothwell

Back To Winning Ways For Pacers
Mar 3, 2011, 7:35 pm



WEYMOUTH HUSKIES                  26


Having travelled the two hours to Weymouth, Pacers made a positive start in this game and from the outset the Newton Abbot team moved the ball well in offence creating numerous scoring opportunities although they failed to capitalise on the good work as the players struggled to cope with a different ball and backboard. At the other end Huskies were able to find space around the ring to take shots and so three quarters of the way through the first quarter the game was still a close affair with Pacers being ahead 10-6. However baskets from debutant Hannah Barber-Cheverall, Ali Sinden and Emily Ashford late in the period gave Pacers a commanding lead of 16-6 at the first break. The start of the second period saw Pacers increase the intensity of their defence denying Huskies any space and time around the ring to score. In offence the points started to flow for Pacers so before the midway point of the period their lead had been doubled. During the remainder of the period Pacers lost their momentum in offence but the half was finished in a perfect manner by Ali Sinden sinking a three point basket on the buzzer to signal the end of the second quarter, giving Pacers a half-time lead of 38-14.

The third period saw Huskies have their best period of the game reaching double figures for the period and keeping Pacers down to just 14 points. This was achieved largely as a result of the Huskies winning the rebounds at both ends of the court. The final period though was a very different story; Pacers, now showing some very good pass and cut moves, opened up the Huskies defence with ease to score over 20 points during the period. This, together with a renewed vigour in defence which allowed Huskies to score only one basket during this time, meant Pacers finished the game 73-26 ahead.  

After three straight defeats, it was a good feeling to be back to winning ways, particularly with the excellent overall team performance.


Scorers/Players: A. Sinden 17, E. Ashford 14, V. Colegate 8, L. Baines 8,

H. Barber-Cheverall 8, P. Rothwell 6, M. Bazam 6, H. Burton 4, G. Sinden 2 and

T. Burton

Better Performance By Pacers
Feb 26, 2011, 8:23 pm



EXETER UNIVERSITY                   58



In the away fixture against Exeter University’ women’s team earlier in the season Pacers struggled to get any sort of offensive rhythm and scored only five points in the first half. In this home game however Pacers had five points to their credit mid-way through the first period with good offensive ball movement, whilst defensively the team was working really hard to deny the very tall University inside players any time and space around the basket. As a result Pacers held a slight lead at 5-2. However packing the space around the ring left the perimeter exposed, which University captain Amy Lincoln coolly exploited by hitting two 3 point baskets to put the away team in the lead. Further perimeter baskets by the University team started to extend their lead, but baskets by Pacers late in the period meant that University were only 16-11 ahead at the first break. With an ankle injury forcing the University captain out of the game, the visitors’ perimeter shooting threat was drastically reduced. As a result the remainder of the game became a battle between Pacers preventing the University inside players from dominating the game and Pacers breaking the University full court pressure to score on the break. During the second period the honours went to Pacers as they won the period by two points to be behind 24-27 at half time.

The start of the second half still had Pacers very much in the ascendancy as they took the lead, scoring the first two baskets of the half through Serah Chilia and Poppy Rothwell. Then a very even contest between the teams saw the lead change hands six times, before Pacers lost all cohesiveness in defence during the final minutes of the period. With space to be exploited around the Pacers ring, University took their opportunities and forged ahead to be in the lead at 45-38 at the third break. Pacers needed a quick response at the start of the final quarter if they were to get back into the game and their offensive ball movement gave them the opportunity to do just that, but the clinical finishing was lacking. As a result University scored the opening baskets of the period to extend their lead into double figures. However Pacers came back into the game, largely through some excellent shooting by Marianne Etherson which reduced the arrears a little. University however soon had the lead back into double figures as Pacers could not contain University inside player Maria Savchenko. A late burst of scoring by Jasmine Hodge, nine points, gave an air of respectability to Pacers, with the final score of 58-53 in University’s favour. However in the end it really was a missed opportunity for Pacers to defeat the only unbeaten team so far this season in the Women’s Exeter and District League.


Scorers/Players: J. Hodge 20, M. Etherson 14, S. Chilia 8, P. Rothwell 4, E. Ashford 3, V. Colegate 2, G. Sinden 2, M. Bazam, H. Burton, H. Burton and A. Sinden.

Bullets prove deadly to Tigers in cupset
Jan 25, 2011, 10:02 pm

Sunday’s plate semi final match saw Broadclyst Bullets, top of the Second Division, going head to head with the Torbay Tigers, top of the First Division. The Bullets were just happy to be there; given Torbay’s superior position, the Tigers were probably pretty pleased that the Bullets were there too. At first.

But from the tip off, it became clear that the Bullets weren’t going down without a fight. In fact, after a scrappy start from both teams they took an immediate lead, thanks to some great inside play from Ray Kirk and Keith Halsey, a lead which they were only to let slip once, momentarily in the latter half of the game.

By the end of the first half, a hefty lead had been whittled down so that the Bullets were winning 28 – 26. With a team like the Tigers, even if you’re playing well, you’re rarely going to be given anything for free.

Yet the Bullets avoided their usual mince-pie-instigated third quarter slump, instead raising their game once more, winning the 3rd period 24 points to Torbay’s 15.

The 4th quarter saw this close fought game heighten in intensity once more. Up stepped Broadclyst's Pat 'six shooter' Garrett to score some important points helped out by Halsey who wasn’t going to let any rebounds go anywhere else other than his fearsome grip, and rightly gained himself MVP status. But, in truth, it was the all round team performance that won the game for the Bullets.

Final score: 77 – 69. 

Raiders Go On The Run To Escape Lomg Arm Of The Law
Jan 9, 2011, 5:30 pm

Weymouth Raiders 62 Devon Peelers 52

Chiropodist Giles Heaman showed the Police team a clean pair of heels as Weymouth gained revenge after an early season defeat against Devon Peelers. The Raiders’ guard was the chief beneficiary of a fast breaking Weymouth offense and he grabbed himself 25 points mostly from easy lay-ups.


Both teams seemed to be suffering the after effects of the festive season as the first quarter got off to a sluggish start. Raiders’ big man Rob Legg also managed to pick up three foul calls early on, leaving him vulnerable for the rest of the game. However, ten unanswered points for the Raiders towards the end of the period left them with a 16 points to 8 advantage.


At the start of the second quarter it was Connor “The Shark” Doherty who picked up the scoring momentum for the Raiders. The young Irishman made 3 consecutive shots, backed up by scores from Mark Talmage and Chris May. Peelers could manage only one solitary basket in reply during this spell as the Weymouth team moved out to a 29 – 10 lead. As so often happens, however, the momentum changed as the Peelers started to find their range from outside and outscored the Raiders by 10 – 2 in the last few minutes of the quarter to close the gap at half time to 31-20.


The third quarter was dominated by the Raiders’ fast break, and Heaman in particular, as the game swung decisively to Weymouth. With a 49-29 lead, coach Andy Blackwood felt confident enough to start making several substitutions, but this disrupted the Weymouth offense allowing the Peelers to once again close the gap slightly to 51 – 35 with one quarter remaining.


Blackwood persisted with the line-up at the start of the fourth quarter and could only watch as Karl Rowland began to pick up some easy points inside for the Peelers. With the Raiders managing only one basket from Jack Speary in the first few minutes and the score standing at 53-46, Blackwood was forced to call a time-out and make changes to protect the lead. Weymouth were then able to see out the last few minutes without too many problems as Heaman, Talmage and George Scott all kept the scoreboard ticking over.

Proof That Having Six Too Often Isn't Good For You!
Dec 8, 2010, 4:58 pm

Broadclyst Bullets 71 Weymouth Raiders 58

For the second game in a row Weymouth Raiders could muster a squad of only six players for their travels, this time to table-topping Broadclyst Bullets. They managed to get away with it in the previous game in a thrilling climax against Torbay Tigers, but it was always going to be difficult for them to repeat the feat against Broadclyst who have now won seven games in a row.

The first quarter was a closely contested affair and set the scene for much of what was to follow. For Broadclyst Adam Mitchell signalled his intentions early on with three scores from outside the three-point arc while Tomas Misunias dominated inside. In reply Giles Heaman and Alok Bahl demonstrated that the Raiders' best hope was to run the ball on the fast break. The first period finished with Bullets leading 20-17.

Although the Raiders would have been pleased with their first quarter efforts against a strong Broadclyst side, they always knew it would be difficult to stay in the game and so it proved in the second quarter. Only Bahl and Heaman could get on the score sheet for Weymouth as they managed only 9 points and Broadclyst pulled away to a 42 -26 half-time advantage.

The third quarter continued in the same vein, but with veteran Ray Kirk leading the scoring for Broadclyst. Although Weymouth stayed in contention briefly at 46 -32, a scoring run of 14 points to 2 effectively ended the contest with the third quarter finishing on a score of 60 -34.

Curiously it was the outnumbered Raiders who finished the game more strongly as they scored 11 unanswered points at the start of the 4th quarter. Even though Broadclyst sent on their big guns Mitchell and Misunias it was still Heaman and Bahl who had the final flourish with several fast breaks and a 3 point effort. Having been stifled in the middle of the game Weymouth took the fourth quarter by 24 points to 11 and left with a reasonably respectable thirteen point loss to the division leaders.

Speaking afterwards Weymouth coach Andy Blackwood said “In many ways I think that was possibly our best performance of the season even though we lost. They are a very tough side to stop with an effective combination of accurate shooting and strong inside players and we could easily have lost this one by 30 or 40 points. Given our small squad it was remarkable that we were the ones who finished the game stronger and we can take a lot of pride in our performance.”

Uni March On
Nov 30, 2010, 11:01 pm




EXETER UNIVERSITY                   77



Against a very mobile and very tall University team, Pacers struggled to have any real impact on in the opening quarter of this Exeter and District League game. In offence a few scoring opportunities were generated but the shots were taken under great pressure and as a result Pacers, very unusually failed to score. In defence Pacers could not cope with University’s strong inside play and so the score at the end of the first quarter was 25-0 in the home teams favour. Early in the second quarter a great cheer went up from the Pacers bench as the team at last scored through Jasmine Hodge. This was quickly followed up by a couple of scores from Ali Sinden, but that was the end of the recovery as University went on to extend their lead to 41- 5 by half-time. The second half was a much closer affair as Pacers never stopped working in the game and the University coach played mainly his bench players. As a result the score for the second half was 36 -21, giving Exeter University a resounding 77-26 win. At this stage of the season the Exeter University side are looking very much the team to take away the League title that Pacers have held for the last three seasons!


Scorers/Players: A. Sinden 14, J. Hodge 4, L. Baines 2, M. Etherson 2, R. Erangey 2,

K. Lee 2, P. Rothwell, G. Sinden, T. Burton and H. Burton.

The Joy Of Six!!
Nov 27, 2010, 12:10 am

Torbay Tiger Cubs 64 Weymouth Raiders 65

Weymouth Raiders could muster a squad of only six players for the long trip down to Torbay where the young Tiger Cubs were waiting with a full team of twelve. However the Raiders enjoyed the late night trip home after coming away with the narrowest of victories.

Not for the first time this season the Raiders got off to a sluggish start and trailed 8-3 early on. However Giles “Sole Man” Heaman started to find his range both from the field and the free throw line, scoring seven points in the latter part of the first quarter to give the visitors a narrow 11-13 lead at the first break.

It was a similar story in the second quarter with Jordan Coysh leading the scoring for Torbay as they opened up a 21 -16 lead only for the Weymouth team to hit back again. The “Polish Bomber” Greg Kazek was unable to miss as he hit three successive 3-point efforts and, with the Torbay foul count mounting up, Heaman and Dan Campbell made them pay with six successive free throws which turned things around to leave the half-time score 27-33 in favour of the Raiders.

In a game with more ebbs and flows than an English Riviera tide it was inevitable that Torbay would come back again at the start of the third period and, sure enough, a run of eight points to two in the first five minutes brought the scores level at 35-35. But once again the Raiders finished the quarter strongly as Kazek from distance and Heaman from the foul line rebuilt the lead to 44-51 as the game entered its final phase.

The pattern changed slightly in the final quarter with the seven point lead being maintained to the mid-way mark. The Raiders then lost Heaman as he picked up his fifth foul and Torbay’s Andy Tonge, having been fairly subdued up till this point, suddenly began to play a dominant attacking role. With less than two minutes to go, the scores were level again at 60-60 before Kazek nailed yet another 3-point effort to silence the home spectators. As the game entered the last minute a field goal from Eoin Lingard for Torbay and a free throw from Campbell for Weymouth left the visitors leading by just two points before Coysh scored again to tie things up at 64-64. Torbay were again in foul trouble but this time Weymouth were unable to take full advantage as Campbell made one of two free throws and Kazek inexplicably missed two having been so accurate all night from further out. With seconds left Torbay, trailing by just one point, had the final possession of the game. A missed shot was rebounded by Tonge who was fouled by Andy Blackwood before he could get into a shooting position resulting in an end-line possession with 2.6 seconds on the clock. As the ball was passed into Tonge it was ripped out of his grasp by Blackwood and handed over to Connor “The Shark” Docherty who gratefully clung on to it as the buzzer sounded.

At the end of the game Andy Blackwood paid tribute to his small squad. “Giles Heaman and Greg Kazek were outstanding tonight and deserve praise for their scoring but it was a gutsy performance from everyone. We couldn’t have won without the contribution from young “Steve-O” Reece who stepped in at crucial times and didn’t let us down when it mattered. To come away with a depleted squad and win a really tough game was a great achievement.”

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