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Wednesday July 18 2018 
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Week 14 Update
Dec 18, 2016, 10:08 am

Division I

Nomads 79 Exeter College 63
Torbay Tigers 62 Exmouth Knights 64

Division II
Nomads II 62 Bridport Evolution 60
Torbay Tigers Too beat Exmouth Jesters

Ladies Division 
Newton Abbot Peelers 66 Devon Peelers 29

At the half way point of the season, Nomads lead Division I with the 3 following teams all on the same number of points.

In Division II, Torbay Tigers Too lead with Exeter University II and Bridport Evolution just one point behind. Nomads II picked up their first win this week.

In Division III, Broadclyst are head and shoulders above the rest, Tiverton Titans are still searching for their first win but improving all the time!

In the Ladies Division, Newton Abbot Pacers remain undefeated, Plymouth Raiders suffered their 2nd defeat of the season this week to Exeter University I.

The semi finals for the Men's cup and Plate competition has been finalised:

Exeter University I v Torbay Tigers
Exeter College v Exeter University II

Exmouth Knights v Nomads
Bridport Evolution v Exmouth Jesters

A great first half of the season, hope you all enjoy the festive break with your family and friends, it all starts again on January 5th!
Happy New Year to all players, officials, volunteers and supporters from all at Exeter and District Basketball Association.


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Week 12 Update
Dec 4, 2016, 9:13 am

Week 12 Update
Division I
Nomads 70 Exmouth Knights 48
Torbay Tigers 72 Exeter College 44
Nomads 64 Exeter University I 73

Inter Div 2/3
Tiverton Titans 44 Torbay Tigers Too 62
North Devon 65 Exeter University II 46
Weymouth Raiders 76 Exmouth Jesters 37
Broadclyst 58 Nomads II 39

Ladies Division
Devon Peelers 23 Marjons 48
Exeter University II 40 Plymouth Uni 20
Exeter Eagles 49 Newton Abbot Pacers 69

Cup Competitions
Exeter University II 35 Broadclyst 45

Matches for the coming week:

Inter Div 2/3
Devon Peelers v Bridport Evolution

Division III
Tiverton Titans v Exeter University III
Tiverton Titans v Broadclyst 
Weymouth Raiders v North Devon

Ladies Division
Exeter University I v Plymouth Raiders

Cup Competition 
Nomads v Exeter University I
Exeter University I v Exeter University III

Nomads suffer their first league defeat of the season to Exeter University I but still lead Division I

Torbay Tigers Too continue their form in Division II with an 8&3 record.

In Division III Broadclyst extend their league with a 10&1 record.

In the Ladies Division Newton Abbot Pacers continue their run and are now the only undefeated team in the league.

Exeter and District Basketball's photo.
Exeter and District Basketball's photo.

Week 11 Update
Nov 27, 2016, 9:47 am

Week 11 Update
Inter Div 1/2
Nomads II 35 Exmouth Knights 82
Exmouth Jesters 31 Nomads 83
Torbay Tigers Too 54 Torbay Tigers 56

Division III
Tiverton Titans 55 Devon Peelers 69
Broadclyst 74 Exeter University III 46

Ladies Division
Marjons 44 Plymouth Uni 14
Exeter University II 22 Exeter University I 71
Newton Abbot Pacers 88 Marjons 13
Plymouth Uni 6 Weymouth Huskies 46

Cup Competitions
North Devon 78 Nomads II 40
Exeter University II 35 Broadclyst 45

Games a plenty for the coming week:

Division I
Nomads v Exmouth Knights
Torbay Tigers v Exeter College
Exeter University I v Nomads

Division II
Torbay Tigers Too v Bridport Evolution

Inter Div 2/3
Tiverton Titans v Torbay Tigers Too
North Devon v Exeter University II
Weymouth Raiders v Exmouth Jesters
Exeter University III v Exeter University II
Broadclyst v Nomads II

Ladies Division
Devon Peelers v Marjons
Exeter University II v Plymouth Uni
Exeter Eagles v Newton Abbot Pacers
Exeter University I v Plymouth Raiders
Marjons v Exeter Eagles

Cup Competitions
Exeter College v Bridport Evolution

Nomads still undefeated in Division I, they play Exeter University I this week, the last game went by 1 point to Nomads so will they preserve their record?

Torbay Tigers Too lead Division II with a 6&2 record from Exeter University II.

Clear leaders in Division III are Broadclyst on 9&1.

Plymouth Raiders lead the Ladies Division with a 6&1 record but Newton Abbot Pacers are hot on their heels with their undefeated 6&0 season.

Nomads II, Tiverton Titans and Plymouth University are still searching for their first win but sure it won't be long!

Good luck to all players, officials and volunteers in the week's games ahead!

Exeter and District Basketball's photo.
Exeter and District Basketball's photo.

Week 10 Update
Nov 20, 2016, 9:37 am

Week 10 Update

Division I
Exeter College 49 Exeter University I 72

Inter Div 1/2
Nomads II 27 Nomads 69

Division II
Bridport Evolution 48 Exeter University II 84
Exmouth Jesters 69 Nomads II 54

Division III
North Devon 73 Broadclyst 79
Weymouth Raiders 27

Ladies Division
Marjons 35 Exeter University I 66
Devon Peelers 29 Exeter University I 46
Newton Abbot Pacers 54 Plymouth Raiders 44

The week ahead sees the following games:

Inter Division 1/2
Exeter University II v Exeter University I
Bridport Evolution v Exeter College
Nomads II v Exmouth Knights
Exmouth Jesters v Nomads
Torbay Tigers Too v Torbay Tigers

Division III
Tiverton Titans v Devon Peelers
Broadclyst v Exeter University III

Ladies Division
Marjons v Plymouth Uni
Exeter University II v Exeter University I
Newton Abbot Pacers v Marjons
Plymouth Raiders v Devon Peelers
Plymouth Uni v Weymouth Huskies

Cup Competitions
North Devon v Nomads II
Exeter University II v Broadclyst

Nomads remain undefeated in Division I

Exeter University II, Torbay Tigers Too are both locked on a 5&1 record with 11 points in Division II but met last night and result pending.

In Division III Broadclyst beat North Devon for a 2nd time in 2 weeks to cement their position at the top of the table, Weymouth Raiders secure 2nd with a big win.

In the Ladies Division, first blood goes to Newton Abbot Pacers as they beat Plymouth Raiders by 10 points and therefore remain undefeated.

Biggest mention of the week though to Rob Williams who refereed the two matches at Middlemoor on Friday night and pledged 10p per point scored in both matches to BBC Children in Need and asked the players to match their points contribution with 10p per point. 
Total Points in both games 259, pledge of £25.90 from Rob and with the pledges from players rounded up to £52 - great pledge by Rob supported by teams - well done
Broadclyst Bullets Basketball Club University of Exeter Women's Basketball ClubUniversity of Exeter Women's Basketball Plymouth University Ladies BasketballPlymouth University Basketball Newton Abbot Pacers Basketball Club

Exeter and District Basketball's photo.
Exeter and District Basketball's photo.

Titans Improve In First Home Display
Oct 17, 2016, 6:57 am


Tiverton Titans 44 – Broadclyst 73


In their first home game of the season Tiverton faced off against top of the league team Broadclyst.

The first period saw both teams come out strong. Both teams scored consistently but Tiverton came out on top 18 – 15.

Second period saw Broadclyst take charge finishing in the lead 24 – 33.

Broadclyst were now showing their experience by running a tight defence and great offensive plays. The next two periods Tiverton fought hard and played their hearts out but it wasn’t enough. Experience proved to be too much and Broadclystwon the game 44 – 73.

Tiverton’s top 3 scorers – Adam Halsey 9, Rob Taylor-Southall 11, Shane Barrell 12 (MVP)

Pacers accomplish 2nd victory against Exe Uni
Oct 14, 2016, 5:12 pm






Just two days after a good win over the Exeter University first team, Pacers now faced the University’s second team; the expectation was, therefore, for another positive result. Pacers were looking for a more fluent start than their previous two games of the season, against what was going to be very energetic opposition.  Thankfully the home squad did not disappoint as good transitional play and strong close to basket work enabled Pacers to be 22 - 4 ahead at the end of the first quarter.  

In the second period Pacers continued to move the ball with pace and drove strongly to basket amassing a further 20 points to their score.  At the other end of the court a change in defensive formation saw Pacers looking much more compact as a unit. However the University girls moved the ball effectively around the ring and, together with some fine perimeter shots, they more than doubled their score to be11 - 42 behind at the second break.

In the third period Pacers remained a very tight defensive unit and in this third ten minutes of play they conceded only the one basket.  In attack Pacers slowed up their movements and set up each offensive play.  This also proved to be a fruitful way to play as, by the end of the third quarter Pacers were now 65 – 13 ahead.  

During the last period of play the University players adapted their offence and started to penetrate the home defence and move their score along.  This prompted a change to the Pacers defensive style and the points flow ceased.  In attack Pacers were failing to pick out the appropriate pass to movement off the ball and shooting opportunities were, for once, hard to come by.  As a result the rate of scoring slowed for a while.  Once the speed of ball movement up court picked up during the final minutes of the game Pacers pushed ahead with their scoring to come out 85 -19 ahead at the final whistle.  

Coach Andy Sinden said ‘This was another good performance by Pacers, showing that they are at ease playing in various defensive formations and can score from a wide range of situations’.


Scorers/Players: B. Short 18, L. Barlow 16, J. Hodge 16, A. Sinden 12, V. Black 10, 

L. Mei-Yin 7, E. Renton 6 and H. Goodleff

Pacers Continue Undefeated Start to 2016/17
Oct 11, 2016, 6:28 am





In the past, away games at Exeter University have been veryintense, fast paced affairs. With this possibly on their minds,Pacers were unusually out of sorts at the start of this game where the defence was almost non-existent and there was no shape to their offensive play!   As a result, up to the midway point of the first period, Exeter University were six points ahead with the visitors having yet to register a single point.  Pacers then seemed to have overcome their shaky start by managing to draw level in the game, all within a minute of play!  However it was a false dawn as Exeter University finished the period 11-8 ahead.  

Despite the poor performance in the first ten minutes, at least Pacers had a foothold into the game and with something to work from.  A change in defensive formation for the second period made Pacers far more difficult outfit to break down, so much so that within the first six minutes of this period Exeter University had only scored once.  At the other end of the court Pacers offensive play was beginning to show some pattern of movement and the points started to flow.  Consequently by half-time Pacers were ahead 27-19 and they were now in control of the game.

The start of the second half saw Pacers remain resolute in defence whilst in offence their excellent ball movement generated numerous scoring opportunities. With accurate finishing Pacers managed to extend their lead to 20 points with the score at 43-23.  Then Pacers went through a phase of careless shooting and the momentum was lost.  As a result, in the last three minutes of this third period, the University girls made a little bit of a comeback to be 48-32 behind at the third break.  

In the final period of the game Pacers just needed to stay relaxed in possession of the ball, with no need to force any passes or shots, in order to come away with a comfortable win.  For most of the period Pacers played with this assured style so that, with a couple of minutes of play to go, the lead had been extended to 24 points at 61-37.  Again there was an end of period rally by the home team so that at the final whistle the result was 61-43.

Whilst the score appears to indicate a very comfortable win for Pacers, the players came off court feeling that the game had been a close battle throughout and that there had been nothing comfortable about it at all!  However, this result means Pacers have won both of their opening fixtures of the season and are now looking to extend the unbeaten run further.


Scorers/Players: A. Sinden 15, V. Black 11, J. Hodge 10, B. Short 10, L. Mei-Yin 9, 

E. Renton 4, L. Barlow 2 and G. Sinden.

Devon Peelers and Broadclyst Meet Again
Oct 5, 2016, 6:21 pm

Devon Peelers and Broadclyst met for the second time in 3 weeks, unfortunatley for Peelers the result was the same!

The first quarter was all square with Broadclyst pipping it 15 - 16, the second quarter was however a completely different 'kettle of fish', despite Broadclyst being in foul trouble from the 4th minute from their more aggressive defence Peelers were unable to take advantage, and Broadclyst pulled out the lead to 15 points - 22 - 37.

A decent come back in the final two quarters where Peelers won both did not gain them a win, the final score was 61 - 77.


Marc Grim was MVP for Broadclyst in a good come back game for him, shooting from outside, inside and great distribution - John Ellis was MVP for Peelers.

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