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Exeter & District Basketball Teams Compete In Their 50th Annual Finals
Mar 2, 2010, 7:04 pm

Police Headquarters, Middlemoor staged the 50th Cup Finals for Exeter & District Basketball Association on Sunday 28th February 2010.

With a crowd watching of approximately 100 people the Annual Cup Finals were a great success with incredible atmosphere for amateur matches.

Special guests this year were Max MATTHEWS and Derek HEADON who started the league 50 years ago, it has evolved into a strong regional competition for both men and women.

Men’s Plate Final

The first game tipped off at 12pm and involved last year’s Plate winners – Exeter Nomads trying to defend their title against Taunton Revolution. Both teams came into the final on a good run of form, placed 4th and 5th in Division I respectively.

Nomads coach – Richard RADFORD sent his team out in a strong press defence from the tip (which they lost) compared to Taunton who decided to stay with a zone defence. The first few offences both teams appeared nervous and were testing one another’s weaknesses, surprisingly it took until the end of the second minute before  a basket was scored and it was James MORGAN from Nomads that broke the deadlock, quickly followed by a long ‘3 point’ shot from Chris SHAKYA giving Nomads a 5 point lead. Captain of Taunton – Marc EGGLETON called for an early ‘time out’ to settle his team’s nerves.

The time out appeared to work with Brett COOPER immediately scoring a basket for Taunton, then however Daniel POLTER for Nomads attacked the basket with drive and was fouled twice in two successive drives – scoring with his second whilst being fouled and hitting two of the free throws to stretch their lead to 7 points. Taunton regained some composure with Brett COOPER again being the main offensive threat for them bringing them within two points of Nomads as the seconds ticked down only to see Carl KNIGHT hit a ‘3 pointer’ for Nomads on the buzzer to finish the quarter 14 – 9 up.

The second quarter started with Taunton managing to break the press defence with several of their players now coming into their own and scoring, 4 points in the quarter for Paul CRAWFORD, a ‘3 pointer’ for captain Marc EGGLETON and again Brett COOPER contributing with 8 points giving them 17 points for the second quarter. However, despite being more consistent on the offence their defence was leaking baskets with Andrew PIKE scoring 4 points, Chris SHAKYA 5 points and  other members of the team contributing to extend their lead at the half way mark to 33 – 26.

The half time break gave EGGLETON time to talk to his players and was obvious that the third quarter was going to be decisive to them. It was, but unfortunately it was Nomads that went on the march winning the quarter 22 – 13, thus extending their lead to 16 points with only a quarter left for them to retain their trophy. PIKE contributed 6 points, and SHAKYA and KNIGHT in on the act with several baskets.

With a considerable lead the final quarter was more about defence for Nomads and not to lose their heads and rush the ball. Their coach’s talk must have worked because they set off with 7 unanswered points – Taunton looked defeated, but Matt ACOTT was having none of it and suddenly found his shooting boots – he finished the quarter with 8 points but unfortunately Nomads were in no mood to lose even this quarter and retained the Men’s Plate by 76 points to 56.

Andrew PIKE was MVP for the match from Exeter Nomads with 20 points, top scorer for the game was Brett COOPER from Taunton Revolution with 24 points.


Ladies Cup Final 

This year’s final was between pre-tournament favourites Exeter University against Exeter Eagles with rookie coach – Poppy Whewell. During the season University had beaten Eagles by 30 points in their home match, however more recently Eagles beat University by 1 point in the return fixture last week so home advantage appears to have been the crucial factor – so on a neutral game who was going to step up to the mark?

Eagles won the tip and went straight to the basket with 2 points by Lauren SHAWYER, this was immediately countered by a basket by Rachel FIELD for University. Both teams again exchanged baskets until the 4th minute when suddenly Eagles game clicked and University’s fell to pieces – all Eagles team came up with baskets in a 5 minute spell of 15 unanswered points – surely the match couldn’t be secured so quickly? University Coach – Grant BURRIDGE rang the changes from the sidelines and appeared to have the desired effect with 6 unanswered points to close the first quarter 17 – 10 down.

The second quarter beckoned with University having to make quick work of recovering the deficit, the match suddenly went into overdrive with alternate offences and very weak defence. Points were traded throughout the second quarter to finish 18 all for the quarter and University still down by 7 points at half time, 35 – 28.

University were completely off their game in this final, only one of their team appeared to be shooting with confidence – Rebecca O’SHEA. Similar to the Men’s Plate it was time for University to stand up and be counted for their coach and any chance they had at recovering in this match. The 3rd quarter started very well for University, by the 6th minute they had recovered to be down only by 5 points 43 – 38. It was now time for Exeter Eagles to dig deep, Poppy WHEWELL called a ‘time out’ and spelled it out to her team – who was going to be the one to stand up and be counted or was it to be a team effort? Her words obviously had an effect, as not only were Eagles strong on defence with Emily DUNN leading by example but in the next two minutes SHAWYER hit 8 unanswered baskets and they managed to finish the 3rd quarter extending their lead to 52 – 44.

If Eagles could hold it together at the beginning of the 4th quarter the result was surely a formality, baskets were traded throughout the first 8 minutes which looked to secure the match, University mounted a short period of resistance towards the end but these were ‘snuffed’ out by two well taken ‘time outs’ in the final 2 minutes to disrupt the play.

Eagles won the match and took the Cup 65 – 58. Emily DUNN for Eagles was named MVP, top scorer for the match was Rebecca O’SHEA from University but this game was won by a team effort for Eagles where only one member of the squad did not score meaning the scoring threat was through-out the team and too much for University could contend with.


Men’s Cup Final


It’s fair to say that Torbay Tigers haven’t been playing consistently well this season in what appears to be a transitional period, they arrived at the Cup Final to play their old rivals Exeter University I to try to retain the Men’s Cup that they have won the last four years – this year seemed a tougher prospect then normal with University out to spoil the party.

Torbay brought a full squad but their strength was their starting five, University won the tip and Josh LEMIN was out to make a point with two ‘3 pointers’ unanswered straight from tip-off. One thing about Tigers is they don’t panic and this start was not going to change that, Rob RUDLING took the mantel and scored 7 points straight back, at the half way stage it was level pegging 9 points apiece. John ELLIS for Tigers then found his mark and between him and RUDLING, Tigers finished with a 20 – 11 lead at the end of the first quarter.

The 2nd quarter looked more equal with a splattering of ‘3 point’ shots and Henry CONRAD and Lloyd BLACKLER (both playing in #21)cancelling one another out it was left to the rest of the team to make an impression. Tigers had 3 players contributing well – ELLIS, RUDLING and Kieron PALMER, University had 2 – Stan HUNG and LEMIN. The half ended with Tigers leading by 11 points, 42 – 31.

Tigers Coach – Norman WALDRON had to make sure that the team stayed focused at the beginning of the 2nd half. He did a good job as the 3rd quarter ended with Tigers extending their lead 62 – 48.

It was surely ‘in the bag’ for Tigers and a mere formality to retain the Cup, especially when in the 3rd minute of the final quarter CONRAD was fouled out of the game, CONRAD called an immediate ‘time out’. Perhaps surprisingly University now seemed to turn up the heat on Tigers, assisted by RUDLING gaining his 5th foul and having to sit the rest of the game out.

University now went on a run of baskets to bring the match back to within 8 points by the 5th minute, 66 – 58. Coach WALDRON was visibly annoyed at his team’s inability to retain possession of the ball and by the 8th minute University had pegged Tigers’ lead back to just 4 points, 70 – 66. Coach WALDRON had had enough and another ‘time out’ called by him to disrupt the play and gain control of his players. I don’t know what was said in the huddle but Tigers came out and quickly scored 3 points to be leading by 6 points going into the final minute. University and Stan HUNG were not finished yet and replied with a quick 4 points to leave Tigers just 2 points up with half a minute left to play.

University had to foul to gain possession of the ball back, they chose Kieron PALMER to foul, and already in foul trouble he went to the line. Now was the time to show what sort of nerves you have as a player, PALMER on the line in the knowledge that if he hit the 2 free throws the game and the Cup would surely be secure, if he missed even 1 of the throws University would more than likely take the game into overtime.

PALMER took the first and hit the shot, a 3 point lead, University would now need a long ‘3 point’ shot to level but still one shot to come, the atmosphere was electric. A turnaround of 12 points so far in this quarter was now all down to 1 throw, he released the ball and everyone’s eyes were on the ring – a ‘swish’ – all ‘string’, PALMER had shown his nerve at the time it was most needed!

The buzzer went and the game was won by Tigers 74 – 70 in a close and highly competitive game.

MVP was John ELLIS for Tigers who also top scored with 24 points, but a mention must go to PALMER who finished the game off with the 2 free throws and a total of 16 points.

Top scorers for University were Stan HUNG 20 points, Josh LEMIN and Henry CONRAD with 16 points apiece.


All eyes are now on the final weeks of the League season and the end of season ‘Play Off’ games.

Peelers Secure Play-Off Spot
Mar 2, 2010, 2:23 pm

In what was an important game for both sides to have a chance at home court advantage for the Play-Off semis and to secure a place in the end of season play-offs, let alone the fact that of the two matches so far this season both teams had won one match each - this match was always going to go to the wire!

Peelers had a seriously weakened team with only 7 players with University II bringing a full squad - it was obvious they meant business.

The first quarter started at a frantic pace for University with two quick baskets and a third before Karl ROWLAND scored Peelers first points in the 3rd minute. Peelers were struggling throughout this quarter to sink a basket and looked like their hangover from the Broadclyst game was going to continue. Josh CARTER was on fire for University with his cuts from the top of the key causing problems and leading to University finishing the quarter 17 - 9 up.

The second quarter started well for Peelers with Adam and Gareth COOPER combining well to score 7 points before the 4th minute then Dave PRYWATA turned on his shooting boots and finished the quarter with 10 points cutting Univerity's lead to 36 - 30.

There was still a lot of work for Peelers to do to stay in this match, they reverted to their starting five for the 3rd quarter and ending the quarter with a '3 point' shot by Dave BUCKLEY finished leading by 5 points, 45 - 50.

University are a dangerous team when they are behind and they were no difference in this team, Peelers rotated their bench players and the energy of these players paid off at the beginning of the final quarter, by the 6 minute mark they had extended their lead to 50 - 63 restricting University to just 5 points in 6 minutes.

Unusually Peelers called the 'time out', this was used by the coach to ensure that they didn't panic, his words worked - they finished the match convincingly winning by 16 points, 77 - 61.

MVPs were Josh CARTER for University, and Adam COOPER for Peelers, top scorer's were Dave PRYWATA 29 points, Gareth COOPER 23 points - has Dave PRYWATA come back on form just in time for the end of the season, the Peelers hope so, he also hit 100% from the free throw line.

An invitation to the end of season competition beckons for Peelers.

Play - Offs here we come!

Taunton Take Last Visit of Bridport In Their Stride
Feb 27, 2010, 9:35 pm

In the last meeting between these teams for the year, Taunton had only 5 players available for the game. The Taunton team knew that this younger side had showed spirit and energy beating them in a previous game so it wasn't going to be easy. At the start Bridport struck first, and Taunton quickly responded. In the first quarter Matt Acott sank a three, Brett Cooper took the ball inside and Marc Eggleton hit three consecutive three pointers to give them a 22-13 lead. In the second quarter, Eggleton continued to be hot from outside, and at halftime he would be 6 out of 8 from long range. Bridport Guard Sorrell tried to keep his team in the game with his outside shooting, but at the half Taunton were up 46-27.

In the second half Taunton would have to withstand a push from Bridport which would bring them to within 9 points, surprising the Revolution. After re-grouping and stepping up the
defence, Taunton remained on track. Excellent play from Steve Evans and Paul Crawford on the defensive boards, and on offence, gave the Revolution a big boost. Brett Cooper and point guard Matt Acott took advantage of their scoring opportunities and contributed well inside and outside. Cooper hit 5 straight three's in the second half, and Acott had 10 points in the fourth to secure the victory. Final score 100-79. Scorers and stats - Brett Cooper 37 (5 assists, 4 steals), Marc Eggleton 23 (10 reb's, 6 assists), Matt Acott 21 (11 assists, 8 reb's), Paul Crawford 12 (16 reb's), Steve Evans 7 (11 reb's).

Exeter Police Prevent Two Wins In A Week For Weymouth
Feb 25, 2010, 10:37 pm

Weymouth Huskies 38

Exeter Police 75


Despite a convincing win over Plymouth University this weeks home game was a clear defeat for the Weymouth Huskies. Only fielding 5 players Exeter who are currently joint top of the Exeter and District League showed they had strength and experience on their side. A rewarding 2 shots for Carly Dean after being fouled put Weymouth onto the scoreboard in the first quarter. Some determined lay-ups by Jo Cox, Jayne Guppy and Nicole Cornish gave Weymouth the come back and confidence they were after and at the end of the 1st Quarter were 1 point ahead.

However, the 2nd Quarter did not bode as well for the Huskies who struggled to break through the Exeter defence. The only delight came from Rosie Moore who pulled a 3 pointer out of the bag in the closing seconds. 2nd Quarter ended with Exeter on a 13 point lead and Weymouth needing a new tact.

A change in defence for the Weymouth side and an inspiring half time talk from coach Che Osborne and Weymouth got back into the game. Some aggressive rebounding by Rosie Flaherty and quick passing enabled Jo Cox and Ele Johnstone to to take advantage of fast breaks which tied the third quarter 8 points a piece.

Just like the 2nd Quarter the 4th was a different story for the Weymouth side as Exeter too changed tact to a full court press. The Weymouth team just couldn’t stop the run of lay-ups despite efforts they were close to being in foul trouble. Fortunately for Weymouth, the Exeter side were not so strong on their free-throws, though it wouldn’t have made too much difference as the Exeter team won 75-38.


POINTS/ROSTER: Cox 12 (MVP), Cornish 8, Moore 7, Guppy 4, Johnstone 4, Nurse 2, Dean 1, Osborne, Blackwood, Flaherty.

Plymouth Uni Suffer After Long Trip To Weymouth
Feb 25, 2010, 10:36 pm

Plymouth University  25

Weymouth Huskies 36


Weymouth Huskies celebrated yet another win in their first season in the Exeter and District League. Rosie Flaherty started the run of points to put Weymouth 6 points ahead in the opening minutes with 3 consecutive lay-ups. Plymouth University had little come back but silly mistakes by Weymouth enforced the ball into the Plymouth sides hands and at the end of the 1st Quarter Weymouth had only a 2 point lead.

Desperate to rectify the mistakes saw Huskies put out a strong offence which allowed Nicole Cornish and Jo Cox to increase the lead by a further 6 points.

By the 3rd quarter Weymouth Huskies were clearly dominating the game and with that changed defence to man-to-man marking, which from previous games had been a weaker option. The defence worked well and again left Plymouth University with a lot of work to make up the 13 point lead with thanks to Rosie Moore and her two consecutive 3 pointers.

Despite the 4th Quarter marking a come back from the Plymouth side it was too little too late and with confident lay-ups from Remy Nurse and Rosie Flaherty the Huskies finished the game in the same style as the start. Final score 36-25.


POINTS/ROSTER: Flaherty 14 (MVP) Moore 6, Nurse 6, Cox 4, Cornish 4, Johnstone 2, Blackwood, Osborne, Dean.

Revolution Back To Winning Ways
Feb 11, 2010, 9:06 pm

The Revolution team played North Devon for the final time this year on 1st Feb. With their new interim Coach Brian Wooley on board, and a slightly different approach, expectations were positive. At the start neither team found the basket. Taunton managed to kick start their scoring after a few minutes with guards Cooper and Eggleton hitting from long range, and centre Crawford working hard inside for early points. With some solid defence, Taunton held an 18-8 lead after one. North Devon would make a run in the second period to close the gap, but Taunton would be up 30-24 at the half.
The Revolution dominated the third quarter and tried to establish a more consistent running game. Crawford continued to play well inside, and on the fast break, and the whole rotation of players such as Rowe, Burke, Hinchliffe, Evans and Briggs all played an important part. With one last push from the visitors towards the end the Revolution stayed tough. At the point, Acott finished the game well with hard-nosed defence and taking advantage of scoring opportunities. Final score was 67-49. A true team effort reflected in the points distribution. Points and Stats – Cooper 17, Crawford 15 (12 reb), Eggleton 12 (5 assists, 6 reb), Acott 11 (11 reb), Hinchliffe 6, Briggs 3, Rowe 2, Burke 1.

Police Show The Way To Peelers
Feb 11, 2010, 9:03 pm

Police wanted to prove to Peelers they can play better than they had done previously against them – 55– 24. S Blackburn from Police opened the score line scoring a basket in the first minute. It then went basket for basket until Peelers G Twine scored a three pointer to edge a lead of 1 point. They only held the lead for a short spell before Police found their feet scoring several baskets on the trot.

G Twine then responded with a further three pointer closing the first quarter 19-12. Police continued to edge away however Peelers Monique then scored a three pointer. Peelers looked as though they could claw back the advantage Police had gained by scoring three pointers!

However this was not to be fast breaks and excellent outside shooting by Police ended the second quarter 41-15. Third and fourth quarters also won by Police 17-6 and 17-3 closing scoreline win to Police 75-24.

Top scorer and MVP for Police was K Cridland. MVP for Peelers went to A Darbey.

Champions Elect Pacers Have To Endure Overtime To See Off Cowboys
Feb 11, 2010, 9:00 pm

It’s been a roller coaster season for Weymouth’s newest adult basketball team. Starting with a string of wins at the beginning of the season then followed by as many losses, it certainly has been a test for the young side. With all but 1 of their games remaining the final game would see them match up against league leaders the Newton Abbot pacers.


With only 8 players the Weymouth side didn’t exactly have the best start to the game going down by several points and saw the home side gain confidence against the short handed cowboys. All was not lost as the close of the 1st period saw things change for the visitors as they picked up their form to close the lead to 5 points through baskets from Adam Bradley and Rob Legg. As the 1st half continued the Weymouth side suddenly took flight as veterans Alex Fuhrmann and Julian Lawes hit 4 baskets each to take the lead at half time 38 – 36.


The second started just were the cowboys’ left off, with Fuhrmann and Lawes again hitting baskets, joined this time by Budmouth stand out Gaz Williams all together going on an incredible 17 point unanswered scoring run. As the top team in the league the Pacers were not ready to lie back as they went on their own scoring run and got back to within single digits. As the game continued the Pacers maintained their run taking back the lead but Weymouth clawed back once again, led by 3 straight 3 point shots from Lawes. With seconds left though the Pacers managed to equalize and as the final buzzer went, sending the game to over time 74 - 74.


In over time it was the league leaders that struck first as they went to a quick 4 point lead, but the young Weymouth stayed cool as they responded with 3 baskets from Fuhrmann but it was not enough as Newton Abbot made vital free throws to end the game 86 – 89.


Cowboys Player/Coach Alex Fuhrmann, ‘what a great game to finish the season on. We certainly could have won but the important thing is we went out there, played a great game of basketball against the leagues best and showed how well we can do. The pacers were a great bunch of guys and we very much looking forward to making up against them next season or in the playoffs’.


Scorers/Roster: Alex Fuhrmann 28, Julian Lawes 26, Gaz Williams 10, Adam Bradley 8, Marco Deters 7, Rob Legg 3, Connor Doherty 2, Dan Campbell 2.

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