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Pacers Continue Their Strive for The Title
Feb 11, 2010, 8:29 pm



PLYMOUTH UNIVERSITY                   6



Despite the long, 6 week, break in games over the Christmas period Pacers were quickly into their  stride as excellent transitional play between Ali Sinden and Jasmine Hodge saw Pacers take an 8-0 lead in the opening minutes of the game.  However in the remaining minutes of the quarter Pacers offence lost its’ rhythm around the key and consequently only a further 6 points were added to the visitors score as they led 14-2 at the first break.  A rebalancing of the five players on court during the second period proved to be most productive with baskets being scored from all angles around the ring and as a result Pacers extended their led to 45-2 by half time.

At the start of the second half ball movement was good in the changed attacking formation but Pacers could not find the finishing touch to their play.  At one stage it looked as if two baskets for the quarter would be the product for their efforts, however a few baskets in the closing minutes gave Pacers score for the period a little more respectability finishing 55-4 ahead. At the start of the final quarter Pacers perimeter shooting game continued to struggle, although Katie Lee and Laura Wilson were beginning to find their range. To inject a bit of momentum to their scoring, full court pressure was applied against the University team with instant results as steals close to basket generated 10 points within a matter of minutes.  The pressure was quickly taken off, but in the remaining minutes Pacers were able to continue scoring, finishing 79-6 at the end of the game.

A useful game to have after such a long break in fixtures, but work in training will have to focus on perimeter shooting as much tougher challenges lie ahead in the next few weeks.


Players/Scorers: J. Hodge 22, A. Sinden 20, E. Ashford 13, L. Wilson 10, K. Lee 8,

G. Sinden 2, L. Baines 2, S. Ashford 2 and L. Noble.

Bandits suffer overtime heart ache.
Feb 1, 2010, 9:27 pm

After a slow start following the Christmas break Broadclyst Bandits picked things up with two good wins on the road at Taunton and Torbay in the same week. With confidence high they looked to continue their good form against last years champions Uni 1. Broadclyst must have felt that Christmas had come early (or late!!) when the university only managed to find 5 available players and perhaps this lured them into a false sense of security. At the tip it was obvious that the much bigger Broadclyst side would look to dominate inside whilst the much smaller and quicker  Uni side would be pushing for turnovers and fast break points.

Bandits started the game well making the most of the size difference by identifying and isolating the mismatches into 1 on 1 situations. Broadclyst MVP Neil Shannon looked particularly strong scoring 10 points in the quarter. After taking a healthy lead into the 2nd quarter Broadclyst lost their way and did the one thing they could not afford to do against the speed of the Uni, turn the ball over. With an excellent 2nd quarter team performance by the visiting side they not only closed the deficit but extended it to a comfortable 11 point lead!

During the Third, both teams traded baskets but the home side faired slightly better and managed to reduce the gap by 2. They understandably felt slightly aggrieved at the end of the quarter when the Uni had had no fouls called against them; are they really that good defensively that they  didn’t commit a single foul in 10 minutes of basketball against a team who looked to go inside 9/10 times?!!

The fourth quarter started with a mountain to climb in front of Broadclyst but they came out fighting. Finally the home side started to hear the whistle blown in their favour when attacking which spurred them on. The momentum began to swing  in their favour when a good assist from Ben Williams led to a two handed dunk by Ben Harnell along the baseline who also converted the And 1. In the 7th minute of the quarter the inevitable happened and Uni were reduced to 4 men due to foul trouble, leaving the door open for Broadclyst to take control. A spirited and well controlled final 2 minutes by the visitors made this difficult and it was not until the final few seconds of the game when Ben Williams held his nerve to score a vital free throw and tie the game and take it into overtime.

In the extra period Broadclyst again began to turn the ball over at crucial moments and failed to attack the basket when they should have been scoring freely against the smaller 4 men of the University. In the final minute of the quarter Uni MVP Henry Conrad held his nerve to score 3 from 4 at the line and leave the Bandits licking their wounds from a game they really must have felt they should have won.

Cowboys sweep Exeter Uni 3 for the season
Jan 26, 2010, 8:25 pm

With a 7 week absence from games Weymouth cowboys entered a new year of basketball welcoming Exeter University 3rd team, concluding all meetings between the teams for the season. Though Weymouth has been the Exeter side 3 times already in the season, Coach Alex Fuhrmann was taking no chances, fielding 11 players for the game.


The first quarter was filled with fast paced passing but none of which from both sides that led to many baskets. Weymouth stayed ahead of their guests by one point consistently with shots from U16 Sam Dodge and Norton Rogers. The 2nd period faired much better for the home side as they used their entire roster, with quick rotations from the bench providing a constant supply of fresh legs. Midway through the quarter Weymouth became possessed as they edged ahead of Exeter Uni 3 with inspired play from quite centre Rob Legg. Rebounding, blocking and then finishing with a basket while getting fouled, 6’5 Legg triggered a 8 point streak from Weymouth allowing them to close the half 28 – 22 ahead.


For the 3rd quarter not much changed for the home side as again a team effort forced mistakes from the Uni side as Gaz Williams collected multiple offensive rebounds converting each to an extra 2 point margin. The game then took a negative as Weymouth veteran guard Che Osborne went down with an ankle injury, though Weymouth’s pace refused to relax as they entered the final period. With a near 20 point lead it was looking good for the cowboys though Exeter refused to lie down as they pushed the ball continually finding multiple shots. Its was not enough to rally a win as Weymouth’s Dan Campbell, Williams and Legg  hit baskets to finish the game 62 – 50 closing a season sweep of the university side.


Coach Alex Fuhrmann “Uni are a tough team. Though we have beaten them in every meeting this year, we’ve never blown them away. My theme for the game was pace and will 11 players I really wanted to re-enforce this. In every quarter all 11 players had court time showing our team basketball could win a game rather than relying on particular players.”


Scorers/Roster: Gaz Williams 18, Dean Roper 9, Dan Campbell 8, Norton Rogers 7, Alex Legg 4, Che Osborne 4, Sam Hepburn 4, Rob Legg 4, Marco Deters 2, Sam Dodge 2, Declan Ridge.

Exeter Div 2 Ladies Basketball.
Jan 19, 2010, 4:18 pm

Lady Basketball players, 

Exeter Eagles Ladies Basketball team will be entering a Division 2 Ladies National League Team next season starting in September 2010. (We will be training over the summer). 

Our National league section will be set in the South West (so far less travelling than it used to be). We have also required use of a very good and cheap Mini Bus with full ‘Stereo’ and it works! 

As it stands the furthest we go north is Cardiff and East to play Solent Stars. Both Taunton and Plymouth are in the League as well. 

Several senior players will be returning to the area and we have some outstanding younger players. Some of the best the Exeter has produced, to supplement the side. 

The Exeter area has without doubt the capability to run a very successful Ladies National league side with several excellent teams and individual excellence. I will stress that this will not affect your loyalty to your current team. We would encourage you to continue to play as much as possible. 

We will train two times a week with games at weekends. But will also understand that you may be playing for your current side and will review each situation sympathetically. 

So if you think you are good enough and are currently playing to a high standard, please contact me on 01297 560163.Or E-mail porky1958@yahoo.co.uk for a chat. 

Keith Henman.

Exeter Eagles.

Ladies Basketball.

Police Coast To Win Against Huskies
Jan 14, 2010, 9:28 pm

Huskies opened the score line, winning the starting jump ball and scoring a basket in the first minute. Police soon found the basket scoring 9 baskets on the trot before Huskies scored again. Police turned over several ball plays to achieve a 26-6 score line at the end of the first quarter. Police worked on set moves in the second quarter resulting in a further 20 points to 5. Huskies could not stop the Police team and third and final quarter score line were 75-14 and 100-18 respectively. A straight forward win for the Police and a good team performance with points shared around the team. Several fast breaks resulted in easy points for A Allen, L Yates and K Cridland. Top scorer was A Allen. MVP went to A Allen from Police and N Cornish from Huskies.

Pacers Continue Their Good Form On The Road
Dec 19, 2009, 12:15 pm



BRIDPORT DIVOLUYION               16



Pacers were in control of this game right from the start as Jasmine Hodge, in particular, put the finishing touch to good transitional play. At 8-0 up, Pacers then conceded a point from the foul line before ‘normal service’ was resumed and at the end of the first period Pacers were ahead 18-1. In the second quarter Pacers slowed their offence down and looked to work the ball around the Bridport defence to create good shooting opportunities. Whilst the openings were created the shooting lacked accuracy and, when coupled with some complacent defending, Bridport were suddenly holding the upper hand as they led 8-4 for the period. However, following a Pacers timeout Ali Sinden and Laura Wilson came back on court refocused and were clinical in their finishing which meant Pacers lead was not only rebuilt but extended as they finished the first half 34-9.

In the second half Pacers changed their offensive set up again, this time looking to exploit players’ movement close to basket and the resultant simple, short passing game proved to be very effective as Pacers amassed a further 28 points for the quarter whilst conceding only 5 points. The same pattern was repeated in the final quarter and the scoring continued with Katie Lee and Liz Noble finding the ring on a consistent basis. As a result, come the end of the game, Pacers had earned a comfortable victory at 84-16.


Scorers / Players: L Wislon (26), A Sinden (24), J Hodge (14), K Lee (8), L Noble (8) and G Sinden (4).

The Long Trip For Pacers Was Worth It
Dec 19, 2009, 12:14 pm



WEYMOUTH HUSKIES                    28


The long trip to face league newcomers Weymouth Huskies seemed to have affected the Pacers team as they were very sluggish at the start of this game.  Ball retention in offence was poor and there always appeared to be gaps in defence and as a result the home team were unexpectedly 6-4 ahead halfway through the opening period.  With a change in defensive shape and Pacers being very much more pro-active in the game, particularly with Emily Ashford and Ali Sinden pressurising the ball handler, a number of mid-court steals generated break away baskets.  As a result by the end of the first quarter Pacers had turned the game around to lead 18-6. During the second period the visitors started to move the ball in offence more effectively, particularly in picking out the inside movement of Emily Ashford as she dominated the game, scoring eight points in a short space of time which extended Pacers lead to 26-9.  However, despite continuing to find openings within the Weymouth defence, Pacers were no longer able to capitalise on their good play as their shooting close to basket lacked accuracy. Consequently the final minutes of the half ended up quite an even affair with Pacers finishing ahead 33-15.

The second half saw Pacers become very static in offence again and were it not for Laura Wilson finding her scoring touch, eight points, Pacers would have struggled to make an impact in the second half.  Defensively during this period Pacers were, unusually, not picking up loose balls around their ring and as a result were conceding baskets on a regular basis. In the end the third break was reached with Pacers lead slightly extended; 44-23.  In the final period Pacers at last generated some momentum in their offensive play as they exploited gaps in the home team’s defence which they then duly converted into points by a better shooting display.  The final score of 62-28 in the end reflected Pacers greater court experience but it took a while to get there!


Scorers/Players: E. Ashford 21, A. Sinden 16, L. Wilson 12, S. Ashford 6, L. Noble 5,

G. Sinden 2 and A. Crangle

Sweet Revenge For Police Against Uni
Dec 19, 2009, 12:10 pm

Tension was high at the start of the game for the Police team as they has lost, for the first time in a long time, to the Uni team in their last match and they did not want to see a repeat performance!


At the end of the first half the Police team had a lead of 8 points which was reduce to a 6 pint lead at half time.


Excellent shooting by Cridland, Blackburn and Johnston secured this lead.


However the score line at the end of the 3rd quarter was very different, Exeter Uni in the lead 57 versus 53.


Police didn’t start the last quarter well either and with 6 minutes to go 65 Uni versus 53 Police. Things did not look good for us.


However with a fighting team performance Police pulled back and rattled the Uni team, stopping their outside shooters and converting their opportunities saw a win for the Police team. Excellent shooting by Blackburn, Cridland and Yates secured this win.


MVP went to Yates and the top scorers for the Police team was Cridland


A great team performance and a well fought match.

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