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Bullets misfire, Pacers stick to their guns
Oct 12, 2009, 7:20 pm

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that being dunked over doesn’t hurt.

You can guarantee that whoever was marking that player will grab the basketball and race back to the baseline to immediately recommence the game, desperately trying to act as if nothing has happened, their face a façade. But a slam cannot be ignored. It is a challenge and it is a statement of intent. On this occasion, it was Newton Abbot’s Number 14 who did the deed - C. Agambar-Froud – and, in this case, the slam also marked a turning point in the game.

The score had been even until the latter stages of the second quarter, where the Bullets pulled away, ending the first half leading 37 to 26. Things looked good for Broadclyst in the third quarter too, fending off their usual third quarter ‘beer-belly-too-knackered-to-run’ slump and only having their lead slightly reduced. But it was the fourth quarter that the Broadclyst gun jammed.

The Pacers finally took control, scoring double the points that Broadclyst did in those final ten minutes, snatching a well earned victory to win by a solid 6 points.


Newton Abbot’s S Waters scored 14 points, including crucial buckets in the fourth quarter.

Broadclyst’s R. McCallum scored 19 points, close to a third of his team’s total, but ended up finally being closed down.

Final score: Broadclyst Bullets 68, Newton Abbot Pacers 74

Bandits ransack North Devon
Oct 12, 2009, 7:18 pm

Don’t worry, your homes are safe but the North Devon key was not a place you would’ve liked to let your loved ones wander after nightfall. It was carnage!

The sheer combined height of Broadclyst’s first team is enough to make many quake, but North Devon brought the same ‘drive and dish’ tactics that pushed them up to this league last season and it worked well. It was this that allowed North Devon to score very consistently throughout the game, clocking up exactly 11 points a quarter for the first three quarters. They upped that to 18 in the fourth.

However, the Bandits never really looked like they were going to lose, not once ending a period in the red. As in so many games, the third quarter was where much of the damage was done, the Bandits getting a significant proportion of their points from the free-throw line as North Devon were forced to get physical with the Broadclyst big men.

Although this is North Devon’s third loss of the season, the score lines so far are very respectable and should reassure them that they are in the right place. As for the Bandits: they only lose when they forget to register their players. Come on guys, you might be burly, but this is supposed to be an intelligent man’s game!


North Devon’s C. Blair always rips down plenty of rebounds, but also scored a sturdy 10 points.

Broadclyst’s  T. Misiunas (the lanky one!) scored 21 points, many of which were free throws, and dominated the inside.


Final score: Broadclyst Bandits 70, North Devon 51

Sanctions Imposed on Two Clubs
Oct 8, 2009, 7:55 pm

On Wednesday 7th October 2009 the Executive Committee of Exeter and District Basketball Association met to discuss the following issues:
On Monday October 5th 2009 Exeter Eagles played Exeter Police in the Ladies Division match. Exeter Eagles fielded two players that were unregistered with the League which contravened EDBA rule 5.2:

On Sunday October 4th 2009 Broadclyst Bandits played Bridport Evolution in a Division I match. Broadclyst Bandits fielded a player that was unregistered with the League which contravened EDBA rule 5.2:
5.2     On first licensing, and on relicensing, with the EBBA the individual application and its payment must be forwarded to the Registrar, along with the application for registration as a member of the Association. On first licensing the individual's registration with the Association will not come into effect until the application is received. A player is only eligible to play once registered and these registration numbers endorsed in the relevant location on the score-sheet prior to tip-off. If no registration number is available for a player prior to tip-off that player shall take no part in the match.

Exeter Eagles
The Committee found that two players: P Whewell and B White participated in this game when unregistered, this not only contravened the League rules but meant that the two players concerned were not insured and the League has a duty to all players and officials that players participating in their Competitions are insured.
Following the finding of guilt, it was agreed that Exeter Eagles should be penalised the match points for this game but individual players were not to be punished.

Broadclyst Bandits

The Committee found that the one player: C Plant participated in this game when unregistered, this not only contravened the League rules but meant that the player concerned was not insured. The League has a duty to all players and officials that players participating in their Competitions are insured.

Following the finding of guilt, it was agreed that Broadclyst Bandits should be penalised the match points for this game and awarded to Bridport Evolution, the individual player should not be punished.

Cowboys get first win of the season
Oct 8, 2009, 7:05 pm

It was Weymouth cowboys 3rd game of the season and as they matched up against veteran team Broadclyst Bullets. Weymouth as one of the youngest teams in the league were still looking for their first victory for the season.


Weymouth raced out against their visitors led by Weymouth basketball club main stay Alex Fuhrmann who scored 7 straight points pushing the home team ahead. Broadclyst did manage to get on the board but not before Dan Campbell joined in the scoring. Clearly Broadclyst were out matching the Cowboys in size and it allowed them to stay in the game. With the Cowboys inexperience they could only foul and sub as the visitors even grabbed the lead at one point. All was not lost as Fuhrmann with 13 straight points and Campbell re-entered the game and showed the hosts would not allow a lead to be widened ending the half 35 – 31 ahead.


The second half started as the first with the Cowboys hitting the guests hard and fast with a man to man defence. This combined with the Cowboys youth proved very effective as they scored 12 points unanswered and they lengthened the lead to 24 points. Fuhrmann remained strong for the home side hitting multiple baskets for every Broadclyst effort. Fuhrmann then got into foul trouble with some controversial decisions from the referee, but Campbell again stepped up with Gaz Williams to keep Weymouth 20 ahead, the 3rd period then finishing on a 3/4 court 3 pointer from polish guard Greg Kazek.


Weymouth though without Fuhrmann continued to fight and not let their first win of the season get away. Broadclyst made no attempt to submit the game and though points behind kept chipping away the lead. It proved still too much as they could only get as close s 8, finishing the game 59 - 67.


Coach Julian Lawes "We’re really pleased with all team members tonight. We were lucky to have Alex come down from the first team to help lead the game, but it was a good learning curve and some valuable experience for keeping a lead."


Roster/Scorers: Alex Fuhrmann 32, Dan Campbell 17, Gaz Williams 12, Eric Olson 3, Greg Kazek 6, Norton Rogers, Connor Doherty, Chris Philbrick, Marco Deters.

Pacers show how defence wins games
Oct 8, 2009, 7:04 pm

Newton Abbot Pacers first home game of the season was one; they were keen to show the rest of the league that they are strong contenders to win and they returned to winning ways.

Pacers in the first half struggle to find the hoop and Weymouth Cowboys took full advantage with a strong lead. With tactical substitutions and change to defence by captain John Gentry, helped closed down the Cowboys offence. Robin Wilding Webb and Alex put up the points for the pacers to take a small lead into half time.

Straight from the Half time whistle the Pacers controlled the tempo of the game and didn’t let up on their strong defence and were able to capitalise with precision passing from Roy Courtney to ensure the easy basket from the fast break.

With the game securely in the hands of the Pacers they were able to rota their bench to give new players Jules Menzies and Marcel Muller court time. However the Huskies didn’t give up and kept battling to the very end but the Pacers lead was to great.


Peeler's Women Find It Hard Going In Their First Season
Oct 6, 2009, 12:47 am

        Peeler's Women faced Weymouth Huskies in the late tip-off at Middlemoor, Peelers struggling with numbers and injuries were forced into yet another new line up with two new players for this match and only six players to choose from. This was to be the battle of the newbies and Peeler's with 4 players making the short trip from Plymouth compared to Weymouth appeared to be the one's left in their vehicles at tip-off time!

        Weymouth pushed ahead in a low scoring match which was defence based and ended the first half 24 - 6 up. Peelers struggled to find the basket in the first half and the game appeared to be over before it had begun. Weymouth switched to a man - to - man defence in the second and Peelers and Gemma Twine (MVP) appeared to find their feet. 11 unanswered points in the first 6 minutes of the third quarter gave the game a better feel and put the pressure on Weymouth.

       At this point Weymouth managed to once again find the basket for the first time in the second half following a well timed 'Time Out' by their coach and finished the quarter with 6 quick points to maintain their lead 30 - 19.

      The final quarter continued much the same but congratulations to the two new players to Peelers - Rowena Price and Viki Constatin, Gemma Willcocks found the basket for the first time this season. The second half of the season can't come quick enough for Peelers who are hoping to have some of their players back off their crutches!

Weymouth Cowboys Slip To Second Defeat At Hands Of Pacers
Sep 30, 2009, 6:22 pm

The Weymouth Cowboys crashed to their second defeat of the season against the Newton Abbott Pacers 80 – 47 on Tuesday night. The Cowboys were heavy underdogs going into the fixture against the Pacers, who came second in the Exeter and District league last season. Weymouth fielded a young side with several players including Sam Dodge, Harry Williams, Robert Legg, and Sam Hepburn all making their adult-league debuts. The match was just the second for the Cowboys since forming as a team at the beginning of September.

Weymouth started the first quarter brightly with baskets from Gareth Williams, Alex Legg-Saunders, and Sam Hepburn helping the Cowboys to outscore the Pacers by one point. Weymouth’s young players played scrappy defence throughout the period with Norton Rogers personally forcing three Pacers turnovers. Harry Williams and Robert Legg both came off the bench and contributed key plays to keep the score close. The match was in the balance until the last two minutes of the second period when the Pacers scored on several fast break baskets to open up a 29 - 20 half time lead.

The Cowboys tried to fight back in the third quarter, but showed their inexperience by failing to adjust their defence to cover Pacers MVP Robert Wilding-Webb who scored six consecutive baskets giving Newton Abbot an unassailable lead. Weymouth Man-of-the-Match Julian Lawes directed the Weymouth attack through much of the third period, dishing off assists to Dan Campbell and Gareth Williams. Despite trailing throughout the fourth quarter, the Cowboys refused to quit with several players including Sam Dodge, Norton Rogers, and Alex Legg-Saunders all adding to the score line which finished 80 - 47 to Newton Abbott.

Despite the loss, Cowboys manager Eric Olson was optimistic after the match. He said “the bad news is that we lost. The good news is that we still haven’t played near to our potential. We have lots of good players, but we need more time to gel together as a team – and when that happens we are going to start winning games.”

Weymouth Cowboys:
Harry Williams - 2 points
Julian Lawes - 11 points
Alex Legg-Saunders - 7 points
Sam Dodge - 2 points
Sam Hepburn - 1 point
Gareth Williams - 18 points
Dan Campbell - 4 points
Norton Rogers - 2 points
Robert Legg 

Coach - Eric Olson
Man-of-the-Match - Julian Lawes

North Devon Continue Difficult Transition In Division I - Revolution Win Again
Sep 29, 2009, 6:24 pm

On the 28th September Taunton Revolution played their second game of the 2009/10 season against an improving North Devon team, recently promoted to the first Division after winning Division 2 last season. The game started slowly with both teams playing solid defence but unable to find scoring opportunities easily. Inside points were hard to come by for Taunton but two three’s from Revolution Captain Marc Eggleton in the first quarter kept the game close, and three more consecutive three’s in the second period from versatile guard Brett Cooper would spur Taunton to a halftime lead of 24-21.

After a re-focus during the break the Revolution came out aggressive on defence determined to extend their lead. Forcing the visitors into constant turnovers and holding them to only 4 points in the first 7 minutes of the third period, they did just that. Taunton’s defence enabled them to get their running game going, giving the local supporters some fantastic teamwork to cheer about. Cooper chipped in 7 more points in the third, but North Devon responded well and made a run of their own, taking the lead by a point with 5 minutes remaining.

Marc Eggleton then took over; hitting four three’s in a row to give Taunton a reasonable lead as the game came to a close. Revolutions’ defence down the stretch secured a tight victory 57-50. Scorers for the game; Eggleton 20 (Voted MVP), Cooper 17, Gray 11, Acott 4, Crawford 2, Gladys 2, Evans 1, Heath, Brown, Hinchliffe.

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