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Bullets On Target Against Police
Mar 22, 2009, 8:41 pm
         Exeter Police (Men) arrived at this match with only one first team player and no ball-handler to speak of - their team savaged by five injured players and three non available due to duties. Despite their lack of experience and youth they stuck to their task - the ball handler for the game was Karl Rowland who stepped up and caused Broadclyst to change the person marking him on three occasions before MVP for Broadclyst - Ben Williams took care of the issue with some help from his colleagues to double team. Karl Rowland still managed to fire off his first three pointer of the season and twice dribble basket to basket and score!
           Double teaming was also put in place to look after the most fouled player in the second division - Dave Prywata who still managed an MVP performing 34 points despite the close attentions of the opponents. He came both short to collect the ball and accepted balls over the top of the defence to keep Broadclyst guessing the entire match!
           A first full game back for Rob Kingdon who did well in his battles with the tall and awkward McCallum in defence and managed to box out on numerous occasions against him.
           Performance of the day belonged to the recently transfered (from Div I) Ben Williams who not only scored a massive 46 points but managed to 'dump off' some impressive assists after cutting through the tiring police defence.

Cup Finals' Day
Mar 13, 2009, 6:24 pm

Cup Final Day

8th March 2009


Womens Plate Final

This final brought together Taunton Tigers Academy and late replacements (with less than 24hrs notice to which the Committee are thankful) Bridport Evolution.

Bridports first year with a womens team brought them to the Plate Final, boosted by their recent improvement of players skills they held Taunton to just a 10 - 8 first quarter lead. Unfortunately it was not to be for Bridport who despite valiant efforts by their MVP Gwen Alner succumbed to Taunton's well-drilled side who had more time to prepare. Taunton came out winners 83 - 22 to win the Womens Plate - Congratulations to them.

Mens Plate Final

An all Division I contest between Nomads and Bridport Evolution. Nomads had done their homework on Bridports not so secret weapon Kalkis - who despite finishing MVP did not have the impact that he normally does on matches after being man-marked by a succession of Nomad's players. Nomads triumphed 91 points to 66 points with Henry Little top scoring and MVP for Nomads.

Mens Cup Final

The big one of the season saw Torbay Tigers who have had a somewhat subdued season coming face to face with their closest rivals Exeter University. University have been wiping the floor with their opponents this year and have appeared much more settled then in previous years. Torbay Tigers hadn't beaten University this year yet and this could be their only chance to get their hands on some silverwear unusually for them. It showed that Norman Waldron had prepared his side well and it appeared that University were finding it difficult to find their range from outside of the three point line. This drew University inside where the defence of Torbay held firm and extinguished and hope of seeing the hoop let alone scoring. Torbay Tigers took the first three quarters leading 55 - 25 and apparently out of sight. The fourth quarter burst into life when Universitys J Lemin suddenly finding his range and hitting three ‘3 pointers' and 16 points in total by the 6th minute of the final quarter to put Tigers under pressure - were they going top break? Not on my watch, was the cry and Tigers held out for a 78 - 62 win.

Womens Cup Final

The final match of the day was not a let down as Exeter Police took on Yeovil Jets. The Police all ‘clicked' in the same game for once and found the basket with consistency, they stormed into a 29 - 8 lead by the end of the first quarter and did not look back from there with the half finishing 57 points to 20. In a one sided affair Police won the match 103 points to 34 with four players scoring 17 or more points and utilising the fast break well that Yeovil had no answer to.

Pacers Coast past Police
Feb 10, 2009, 4:01 pm

Newton Pacers easily triumphed over Exeter Police in their Division II match on 9th February. Concerns about the snow proved unfounded but the rain and localised floods stopped several Police players being available. Pacers made up for the fact by bringing two teams! (well it seemed like two teams the number they brought) The lack of players and in fact ball-handler meant that Stu Cavin made a guest appearance for Police scoring an impressive 15 points -where has that been for Broadclyst this season?

MVP for police was Adrian Powlesland with 13 points but impressive both in defence and offence. Joint top-scorer was Dave Prywata with 15 points with Mark Leach having an off-day at the office!

Newton Pacers were impressive not just in their number of players but also the contribution points from all the team. MVP of rPacers was Waters with 10 points who always managed to change the pace of attack everytime he took to the court.

01/02/09 Sinden maintains her fine foul line shooting record (MDA)
Feb 7, 2009, 5:34 pm

At the start of this game passing interceptions by Pacers led to numerous break-away baskets and the visitors established a healthy 14-0 lead within the first few minutes.   For the remainder of the period Pacers set up their offences with good ball movement and perimeter shooting and by the end of the period their score had doubled to 28 points.   With some of the Pacers players believing the contest was too easy and that there really was not a need to defend, Bridport had a little spell of scoring near the end of the quarter; their three baskets left them 22 points behind at the first break.   In the second period there was still an air of slackness in the Pacers defence which allowed Bridport some successful quick release shots to double their score to 12 by half time.   At the same time Pacers passing and shooting accuracy deteriorated, through a lack of concentration, and consequently they had only moved their score on by 18 points at half time (46-12)

In the second half Pacers injected a some more movement into their set offences, but the shooting was still a little adrift.   This was particularly emphasised by the number of 3-point attempts that failed to hit the ring.   However the shooters did redeem themselves by picking up their own rebounds and putting away the second shot.   The main feature of the period though was Ali Sinden remaining 100% from the foul line for the season, as she scored her two foul line shots with ease.   With two 3-point baskets at the start of the final period, Stacey Lee showed her team players how the shot should be executed. This kick started some better shooting by the visitors enabling them to score over 20 points for the period.   With an improved attitude to defending in the second half by Pacers the home team failed to score in the remainder of the game enabling Pacers to finish comfortable winners, 83-12.   There are to be some much more difficult challenges ahead in the next few weeks, but this performance was useful preparation for those games.
Scorers/Players: A. Sinden 29, R. Dare 14, L. Wilson 12, G. Sinden 8, S. Lee 8,
L. Baines 6, E. Burford 4, E. Carlo 2.

27/01/09 Police Cop a Defeat (MDA)
Feb 7, 2009, 5:29 pm


After a prolonged Christmas break the Pacers ladies were at last back on court. During the opening period Pacers struggled to establish an effective offensive pattern to really trouble the well organised, tall Police defence. However with some fine perimeter shooting by Ronnie Dare, Pacers were able to keep the score ticking over matching the offensive work of the Police team at the other end of the court. Consequently the first period ended even at 10 -10. In the second period though, the Pacers defence worked really hard to close down any shooting space close to basket and coupled with some excellent defensive rebounding the home team took a strangle hold on the game as Police scored only three points during the quarter. In offence Pacers held a better shape and started to move the ball far more effectively to find the free player for scoring opportunities and the baskets started to flow, especially from Ali Sinden, so by half time Pacers had established a 13 point lead at 26-13.

In an attempt to get back into the game, at the start of the second half, Police switched to a full court man to man defensive system. Through quick ball movement and good running off the ball Pacers were able to exploit the extra space around the ring and had their best offensive quarter of the game scoring a further 20 points. In defence Pacers remained very tight and so at the end of the period the score of 46-19 was very satisfying for the home team. However a slow start by Pacers at the start of the final period saw Police score the opening baskets but Pacers soon recovered and made sure that no further ground was lost to the visitors. With foul line shooting being the particular feature of the quarter, Pacers scoring four out of six, the home team moved on to be comfortable winners at 58-29. All in all, this was a very impressive performance by Pacers, particularly in the light of the fact that they had not played together since the very beginning of December; an excellent way to start 2009.

Scorers/Players: A. Sinden 18, R. Dare 10, L. Wilson 8, E. Ashford 6, S. Lee 6,
E. Burford 5, K. Lee 2, G. Sinden 2 and L. Baines 1.

Uni keep unbeaten record.....just.
Feb 1, 2009, 11:26 am

Broadclyst Bandits went looking to stop their recent run of loses against an unbeaten Uni 1 side which was always going to be a tough ask. Broadclyst started the first period well with excellent outside shooting across the team to take a 26 - 16 lead at the end of the quarter. In the second period Uni stepped up their defence managing to hold Broadclyst to only 11 points, 8 of which came from Broadclyst's MVP Crispin who scored 29 on the night. This gave Uni a 1 point lead at half time in what was turning out to be a highly competitive game. During the third neither team gave an inch and going into the 4th the game was tied at 57 each setting up an exciting last period. The turning point of the 4th came when Broadclyst's Hunt was given his 2nd unsportsmanlike like foul in a controversial decision (they all are aren't they when they don't go your way?!!) meaning he had to see the rest of the match out from the bench. Broadclyst kept their composure despite this and with 2 seconds left, the game looked like heading to overtime until Hill managed to find space for Uni and nailed a three pointer to take the game 69 - 66 in Uni's favour .

02/12/08 Pacers' players all hit double figures (MDA)
Jan 25, 2009, 7:49 pm

As a newly formed team entering the Exeter and District Womens league Bridport are finding life on court extremely tough and this game proved to be no exception. Right from the start of the game Pacers moved the ball ahead quickly exploiting the gaps in the Bridport defence and within a few minutes a sizeable lead had been established, 16-0. For the remainder of the period Pacers reduced the pace of their offence and were required to set an overload offensive pattern. This did not particularly slow Pacers scoring as they reached 27 points by the end of the period. The slower pace of the game also enabled Bridport more time with the ball and a couple of successful perimeter shots enabled the visitors to record some points on the board. In the second period Pacers continued to dominate the game giving virtually nothing away in defence (one point only during the 10 minutes) whilst in offence a change in focus on the entry point of the attack did not diminish Pacers scoring potential. As a result Pacers finished the half 48-5 ahead.

In the second half Pacers tried out a totally new offensive shape and whilst it took a little time to get used to it they were still able to find the basket on a regular basis to add a further 18 points to their score during the period. The most notable aspect of this quarter was the lack of concentration in Pacers defence with them giving away a number of foul line situations and allowing Briport unchallenged perimeter shots for them to score nine points during the period. The final period saw Pacers step up the intensity of their defence denying Bridport any points during this time. In offence Pacers increased the speed in their attack to finish with a flourish scoring a further 32 points to end the game 98-14 ahead. Whilst not being a competitive match much value was gained from the game in that Pacers were able to run a number of offensive plays. The Pacers players also appreciated that they all reached double figures in their scoring.

Scorers: R. Dare 21, A.Sinden 21, K. Lee 18, L. Baines 13, G. Sinden 13 and

E. Burford 12.

24/11/08 Pacers pipped by the narrowest of margins (MDA)
Jan 25, 2009, 7:47 pm


Not having played a league game for a month Pacers offence, at the start of this game, was very disjointed and so by half way through the first period they had only scored two baskets. With the introduction of Stacey and Katie Lee onto the court there was a better balance and by the end of the quarter had reached eleven points. At the other end of the court Eagles moved the ball around quickly but found great difficulty in penetrating the well organised Pacers defence. Consequently at the first break Pacers held a narrow 11-9 point lead. In the second quarter Eagles started off much the more positive side and just over half way through the period were 16-12 ahead. Slight adjustments to the Pacers defence halted the Eagles scoring and with a dominant inside play from Emily Ashford for the remainder of the half, Pacers managed to work themselves ahead in the game to be 20-18 up at half-time. However during the latter stages of the half Pacers had missed four out of six from the foul line.

At the start of the second half a couple of three point shots by Eagles player Emily Dunn gave the home team the upper hand in the game. Under pressure very little was going right for Pacers offence where shot after shot would not go through the hoop, whilst at the other end Pacers just could not keep a tight defence. In a low scoring game a lead to Eagles at 34-26 looked a tall order for Pacers to overcome in the final period. However with a much calmer approach in offence and with Ronnie Dare beginning to find her scoring touch Pacers chipped away at the Eagles lead and with just two minutes remaining in the game they over took them to lead by two points. However team foul trouble by Pacers and an excellent foul line shooting performance by Hannah Strong to score four out of four turned the game around again. In the final minute Pacers had a number of very close attempts but not sufficient to take the lead or take the game into overtime and so they lost by the narrowest margins. After the game there were a lot of thoughts of ‘if only this or that shot had gone in'. The irony of the situation is that this time last year Pacers had won at Eagles by a single point!

Scorers/Players: E. Ashford 14, R. Dare 9, S. Lee 9, K. Lee 5, L. Baines 4,

A. Sinden 4 and G. Sinden.

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