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Eagles continue to soar.
Nov 5, 2013, 1:57 pm


Exeter University 55 Exeter Eagles 83. 4th Nov. 2013. At Exeter University.

The run and gun Exeter Eagles continued and impressive start to the season with a handsome victory last night over Exeter University. The game produced some outstanding individual performances with Olga Ozola leading all sorcerer’s with 35.This is even more impressive when you realise She was playing against Elsa Crowther who is also a top player at the University. It was a pleasure to watch! With both girls playing at a very high level.

The game itself was ‘Run and Gun’ basketball real end to end stuff. With both teams battering away at each other. Several 3 pointers from both sides and some very slick inside moves.

Eagles new point Guard Italian Carlotta Molfese score 8 points with numerous assists, spins and behind the back dribbles. Coach Henman said ‘I have been lucky enough as a coach to train and work with some excellent point guards. Carlotta is up there with the best. Whoever was her coach in Italy did a great job’.

The lead steadily increased at the eagles eventually ran out winners 55 to 83 in a very competitive game. The Eagles were expecting an easier game that this but the University team seems to be improving all the time and with players coming back in I suspect they will be a handful for anyone.

Ozola 35pts, Liversedge 10pts, Strong 10pts, Molfese 8pts, Hopkins 6pts, Morgan 5pts, Cook 4 pts., Whewell 2pts, Lenior 2pts.

Pacers Suffer At Talons Of Eagles!
Oct 19, 2013, 1:10 pm


After two good wins to start the season could Pacers maintain their unbeaten record against a very competitive Exeter Eagles side? The early signs in the game did not look good as Pacersstruggled to cope with the pace and intensity of the Eagles play.  As a result, mid-way through the first period, Pacers were behind 2-6 points and finding it very difficult to make any impact in the game. However the home team adjusted to the pace of the game and, with a number of baskets from Ali Sinden and Jasmine Hodge, Pacers turned the game around to be ahead 12-10 points.  Then, with the first change of players on court for Pacers, the momentum was lost and Eagles re-asserted themselves to finish the period 17-14 points ahead.  A slow start by Pacers in the second period and a lack of movement off the ballallowed Eagles to extend their lead further to seven points. However, with more determined movement around the court Pacers managed to claw back a little of Eagles lead by half time to be behind by just four points at 22-26, with baskets from Jo Cribley and Sian Martin proving crucial.   Pacers had not played well in the first half particularly with their movement to get players free against a man to man defence and not putting away the chances they had created.  However they were still in the game as defensively they had made life difficult for Eagles to penetrate to basket and had rebounded exceptionally well.  There was, therefore, all to play for in the second half.

The second half did in fact start really well for Pacers with baskets from Millie Roberts, Leigh Piercy and Jo Cribley enabling the Newton Abbot side to regain the lead for only the second time in the game at 28-26 points.  Unfortunately for Pacers that was as good as it got! A spell of poor defending, especially in closing out the player with the ball, opened up the scoring for Eagles so that by the third break the visitors had established a good lead at 40-30 points.  The early minutes of the fourth period saw a dispirited transitional defensive performance by Pacers and Eagles scored 10 points without reply from the home team and as a contest the game was now over.  During the remaining minutes of the game Pacers didsalvage a little pride in their performance matching the opposition in their scoring to finally lose 38-61, but the damage had been done either side of the third break.

Considering the very positive start to the season this result was disappointing particularly in the manner in which the ball was too easily turned over and the lack of shooting accuracy under pressure so there is much to develop on the training court before the next league game!


Scorers/Players: A. Sinden 10, J. Cribley 8, J. Hodge 6, L. Piercy 5, M. Roberts 4,

S. Martin 2, G. Sinden 2, K. Tranter 1, H. Burton, T. Burton, E. Morrison and E. Stainforth 

A game of two halves Pacers 38 Exeter Eagles 61
Oct 16, 2013, 11:03 am

In an entertaining  game at the Pacers home Exeter Eagles team triumphed 61 to 38. However this does not give a true reflection in a game of two halves. In the first quarter both teams trading points with to be honest the Pacers playing the better basketball and controlling the rebounding at both ends of the floor. But at the End of the quarter they still went in on the losing end 14 to 17 score line.

Both teams spluttered in the 2nd quarter with several of the Eagles players finding  themselves into foul trouble and having to sit most of this quarter out. Neither team played to their best and at half time the score was 22 to 26 to the Eagles.

After the half time break things changed. The Pacers came out and scored six straight points going into the lead 28 to 26. Eagles quickly changed defences and stopped this run. Clem Lenoir then stroked 2x3 point shots on the trot and the game shifted back  in the Eagles favour.

Pacers had great difficulty in breaking down the Eagles defence who had also now gained control of the rebounding. Which in turn ignited their fast break. Doc Donovan a new Eagles player took control of the game being very vocal and also chipping in with 16 points and many assists and rebounds. She going to be a top player in this league this season.

The Eagles eventually ran out winners 61 to 38. But as stated.. A game of two halves.

Donovan 16 Lenior 12 Molfese 8 Ozola 8 Hopkins 6 Liversedge 6 Morgan 2 Strong 2 Askew.

Pacers are showing a season of promise
Oct 7, 2013, 11:32 pm


With both teams having won on each other’s court last season, could Pacers benefit from the home court advantage this time round?  The opening minutes were evenly contested with both teams working hard to find scoring opportunities and, just before the midway point of the first period, the scores were tied at 6 points apiece.  However, a succession of baskets from Ali Sinden and Katie Tranter then gave Pacers a 12-6 advantage.  With the first change of players on court, Pacers maintained their good ball movement in offence to generate numerous scoring opportunities.  However careless shooting prevented the home team from benefitting from their good play.  The second change of players saw Pacers return to scoring ways as they reached the first break 16-12 ahead.  The second period was a very tight affair with both teams defences being very much on top with scoring being at a premium.Therefore at half time the scores had only moved on a little with Pacers remaining ahead at 25-20.

The start of the second half very much belonged to Isca Bolts as they penetrated, at will, to the basket in the opening minutes and consequently took the lead at 26-25.  Pacers quickly tightened up their defence and came storming back with excellent offensive play of their own scoring 16 points to Isca’s reply of just 4 points.  This then gave Pacers a healthy lead of 41-30.  The final minutes of the third period were then dominated by team fouls and foul line shots with Pacers reaching the third break with the score at 44-33. During the final period Pacers dominant defensive display limited Isca to just 5 points. In offence a more clinical offensive transition by Pacers meant they kept on adding up the points so that by the final buzzer Pacers had a commanding win of 20 points at 58-38.  

In recent years, games with Isca have always been keenly contested so to have a win by such a large margin shows just how strong a performance the ladies had put in during this game,with the whole squad making valuable contributions.


Scorers/Players: A. Sinden 16, K. Tranter 12, L. Maestre-Valido 11, J. Cribley 6, J. Hodge 6, M. Roberts 4, E. Morrison 2, L. Piercy 1, H. Burton, T. Burton, G. Sinden and E. Stainforth

It’s the U.N. Exeter Eagles.
Oct 5, 2013, 2:33 pm

 Exeter Eagles 78 Devon Peelers 37

A new season and a new dawn and style of play for Exeter Eagles ladies. With many of the Old Guard leaving for University (Georgina Paul, Emily Dunn, Kate Gardiner). It has meant a big recruitment drive and an influx of new faces for the Eagles. Plus the promotion of several junior players to the first team.

‘We were not sure what to expect this year’, said Coach Henman. Poppy Whewell missing last season and has had a lovely Baby girl. Rachel Hopkins was not sure what she was doing this year. ‘At on stage it looked as if we were going to have a mainly Junior side’ Henman said.

Then in the first week of September everything changed. Olga Ozola an experienced Latvian moved permanently to Exeter. Kat ‘Doc’ Donovan (A former Oxford Uni Captain) turned up, Rachel Hopkins committed for the season, Clem Lenior from France, Paloma Hermoso from Spain and then Poppy came back!

Coach Henman said ‘it’s all been very strange. I think we will change our name to U.N. Eagles! We also have a new point guard but I have yet to see her play. Guess what? She’s Italian! Time outs should be interesting.’

Things however went pretty well in the first game v Devon Peelers as the Eagles ran out winners 78 to 37 in their first game of the season on Monday. With Ozola 29 pts, Doc Donovan 14 pts., Morgan 11 pts., N. Cook 8 pts., Strong 8pts, Jan 6pts, Liversedge 2pts, Hermoso 2 pts. R. Hopkins. I. Cook, C. Lenoir.

Tigers maul Evolution
Oct 5, 2013, 8:08 am

Torbay Tigers 85 – 47 Bridport Evolution


SPIRITED team effort by Bridport Evolution Basketball Club was not enough to stop them suffering their second away defeat of the season on Monday night.

The Bridport team eventually succumbed to another heavy loss but the victory was not as comfortable for the hosts as the scoreline suggests, with Bridport staying in contention for much of the game.

The Bridport team trailed by just 11 points at half time thanks largely to the tenacious defenseof Gavin King, who limited the home sides leading scorer Gareth Laws to just one basket in the first half.

Despite some well worked baskets though, Bridport failed to capitalise on their strong defence in what proved to be a low scoring half for both sides.

In the third quarter, Bridport’s MVP on the night, Tom Glover, found his scoring touch with 7 points in as many minutes, he finished the game with 10 points and nine rebounds.

The player coach’s efforts were not enough to compete with Torbay’s Gareth Laws thoughwho added 15 to his tally after sinking a series of three point attempts.

Trailing by 23 points going into the final period Bridport once again took the opportunity to give their squad players some valuable court time.

Rookies Jack Trivett and Will Cain both settled well into the side and the ever improving Dan Collins showed he was getting more comfortable with the ball in his hands.  

A major positive on the night was the return from injury of Centre Michael Cox who gave theBridport team a new dimension at both ends of the court, with nine rebounds and scoring on a number of second chance opportunities.

The partnership of Dan Park and Craig Sorrell was also looking strong with the pair making 8 steals and regularly scoring on the break.

Coach Tom Glover said: “The team are starting to gel and there is a good spirit among the squad right now. We’ve got a couple of easier fixtures coming up, followed by a run of home games so I’m hoping we can start to get that winning feeling again soon.”

Bridport will be hoping to claim their first league win on Monday night when they travel tobottom of the table Devon Peelers.


Players and points – Sorrell 14, Tom Glover 10, Dan Park 8, Michael Cox 8, Gavin King 5, Jeff Robertshaw 2, Tony Glover, Ross Hughes, TrivettCollins, Cain.


Pacers Start On A Winning Theme
Sep 25, 2013, 4:34 pm


DEVON PEELERS                            28

At the beginning of the first game of the new Exeter and District League Basketball season, there was plenty of energy and effort by the Pacers’ players as they pressurised Peelers throughout the court. However, despite their domination of the game, Pacers had only just edged ahead 7 - 2 half-way through the first period. Changing over the five players on court, with a different defensive shape, did not aid Pacers cause; there was again plenty possession of the ball but still the lack of a finishing touch. Indeed it was Pacers defensive shape of a 3-2 zone that enabled Peelers to utilise their perimeter shooters. As a result, to every ones’ surprise, it was Peelers who held the lead at the first break at 10-7.

It was a very determined Newton Abbot team that took to the court at the start of the second period and in the opening few minutes the balance of the score had been readdressed as Pacers took the lead 17-10 with baskets from Ali Sinden, Laura Maestre Valido Sian Martin and Katie Tranter . Throughout the rest of the period Pacers remained clinical in their shooting, particularly from Jasmine Hodge in a spell just before half time. At the other end of the court Pacers maintained a good defensive shape so that at half time the score of 32-15 reflected Pacers control of the game.

The beginning of the second half saw Pacers extend their lead with two baskets in the opening minute from Leigh Piercy, but then Pacers’ offensive play became very static and their decision-making, especially in terms of shot selection, deteriorated and Pacers were facing a similar scenario to that of the first period. However, on this occasion, a recovery in the scoring stakes meant that a comeback by Peelers was avoided and Pacers managed to extend their lead by a fraction to 44-24 by the third break.

So as to not get drawn into a nervous finish in this first game of the season a good start to the final period was required by Pacers. That is exactly what Poppy Rothwell, Sian Martin, Millie Roberts and Katie Tranter gave the team as their baskets took the game right away from Peelers. High defensive pressure throughout the period reduced Peelers to few good scoring opportunities and so a final score of 65-28 gave a good reflection of the game.

Coach, Andy Sinden, was pleased with the good start made by Pacers in this opening fixture, but confirmed there is much work to be done in training over the next few weeks if Pacers are going to compete with the best in the league this year.

Scorers/Players: A. Sinden 14, J. Hodge 12, L. Maestre Valido 12, K. Tranter 12, L. Piercy 6,

S.Martin 4, M. Roberts 3, P. Rothwell 2, T. Burton, G. Sinden and E. Stainforth.

Bridport's First Excursion into Exeter & District League
Sep 25, 2013, 4:33 pm

Exeter Nomads 106 – 58 Bridport Evolution



A WEAKENED Bridport Evolution side were punished by title contenders Exeter Nomads as the Dorset club began their league campaign last week.

The well drilled Exeter team proved why they are hotly tipped for the title this season with a ruthless offensive display.

Bridport had gone into the season opener as underdogs and were handicapped further when two key players pulled out with injury on the day of the encounter.

Things then went from bad to worse for the Bridport side with some draconian refereeing putting a number of the team into foul trouble in the early stages.

The strict marshalling continued, with no less than 59 free throws between the teams, and the stop-start nature of the game meant neither side was able to dictate the tempo. The match became a tactical battle but the experienced Nomads team had an answer for everything Evolution had to offer however, and scored freely from all areas of the court.

Leading the scoring for the homes side was last season’s league MVP Alex Boyle, who picked up 25 points for the hosts.

Bridport’s top scorer was Dan Park who had 5 assists and 3 steals alongside his 13 points, with player coach Tom Glover and Captain Craig Sorrell adding nine points apiece.

The rest of the points were spread well among the squad with 10 of the 12 Bridport team getting their names on the scoresheet.

Although not a game to remember for some of Bridport’s usual starting five there were some impressive displays by the squad.

Gavin King, who was called up at short notice, frustrated the opposition all night long with his tenacious defence and Alex Reid, another last minute replacement, led the rebounding with 8 and scored the final points of the game with a fadeaway buzzer beater.

Ross Hughes also impressed with six points and as many rebounds, making the most of his starting opportunity.

Bridport travel to newly promoted Torbay Tigers on Monday night, who won their opening game against Broadclyst Bandits 73-48.


Players and points – Park 13, Tom Glover 9, Sorrell 9, Jeff Robertshaw 8, Ross Hughes 6, Josh Kirby 4, Gavin King 4, Trivett 2, Alex Reid 2, Gray 1, Collins, Dimitrov.

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