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Sunday August 19 2018 
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G - Games   2PT - 2-Pointers Made   3PT - 3-Pointers Made   FTM - Free Throws Made   FTA - Free Throws Attempted   FT% - Free Throw Percentage   PTS - Points   PPG - Points Per Game   FO - Fouls   FPG - Fouls Per Game   MVP - Most Valuable Player Award  
92Ciara BARTLETTLadies DivisionPlymouth Raiders000000%00000
7738Lewis CUTHBERTDivision IExmouth Knights000000%00000
72647Antony ORGANDivision IIExeter University III000000%00000
72648Erikas PTAKDivision IExeter University II000000%00000
72649Takchet TANGWANCHAIDivision IIExeter University III000000%00000
72650Dan THIEMANDivision IIExeter University III000000%00000
72651Samuel TOMLINSONDivision IIExeter University III000000%00000
72652Mugisha UWIRAGIYEDivision IIExeter University III000000%00000
72654Tristan WHITEDivision IExeter University II000000%00000
72655Azeez AKALADivision IIExeter University III000000%00000
73217Vivian CHANLadies DivisionExeter University I000000%00000
73218Sarah COMBERLadies DivisionExeter University I000000%00000
73220Cassie GEARTARTLadies DivisionExeter University I000000%00000
73221Anna GRUITARTLadies DivisionExeter University I000000%00000
73223Maddy Le PAGELadies DivisionExeter University I000000%00000
73224Rebekah MORRISLadies DivisionExeter University I000000%00000
73227Stephany WISELYLadies DivisionExeter University I000000%00000

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