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Welcome to the Exeter & District Basketball League... This is a local basketball league encompassing most of Devon in the South West of England. For more information on teams, the league and everything else click the link below.

Exeter University I Win Plate Final

In Immense Game Against Exmouth Knights

"It was an amazing game to watch both teams played very well and neither team deserved to lose but there can only be one winner."

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The following information has been sent to all team secretaries. It contains important information for everyone involved in EXETER & DISTRICT BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION, please take 5 minutes to read.

Hi All - Just to remind everyone that Exeter & District Basketball Association has now organised the annual AGM / Awards evening as follows:

AGM 2019 : Exeter & District Basketball Association AGM is booked in for June 5th 2019 : 7.30 – 9.00 at the PINHOE Jubilee Club, EX4 8HS. Several have asked why the change of location from Middlemoor, the answer is that we thought it might encourage a more ‘social’ occasion with more people attending – it is one of the few meetings where we get more players and officials present, and is good for us to gauge the feelings of our membership.

All clubs have to be represented at this meeting – Failure to have a club representative attending will involve a fine being issued. This year’s meeting is particularly important as we do need to appoint and re-elect several new committee members.

The Committee :

As you are aware Committee members give an incredible amount of their own time to ensure you can play and enjoy the sport you love and without people willing to give their time to ensure the smooth running of the competitions’ - Exeter & District Basketball Association would not exist. As an organisation we are well aware that improvements and new initiatives are always worth discussion and we would always value input / ideas from clubs and individuals as to how Exeter & District Basketball Association can move forward.

If you wish to get involved or know someone who might consider supporting basketball in our area - please consider the following

New Committee Members required: – We have several Committee positions free and in need of filling, and new ‘blood’ and ideas are sought. The positions that MUST be filled are as follows:

Referee’s Appointee

Malcolm Winsom is standing down after more years than I can remember doing this role excellently, I would like to personally thank him on record for all his hard work, although standing down he will continue to be around!

Please get back to us with any questions if you are unsure of what role expectations and commitment might be – I can however reassure you that everyone is very supportive and helpful. Being part of the Executive is not as time intensive as it was in the past.

I am also looking at creating some ‘sub-committees’, that will report to the Executive on the following subjects (some more urgent work than others):

Junior Basketball Development – to include a competition for next season (2019/20), we have already identified that there is at least appetite / teams for the following groups:

Girls U 14
Boys U 18
Boys U 16
Boys U 14
Boys U 12

Game and Coaches Development

Floor Officials Development

Basketball Development Within Exeter – lots of groundwork has been completed, but to include looking at ‘not for profit’, or ‘charity’ organisation to create a sports centre for mainly basketball (but to include other sports to secure funding), of at least two full size courts with seating (possibly three), and one ‘show court’ combined, with flexibility to build further ‘show court’ adjacent for future development. Only once we have secured a venue will we be able to offer reduced cost basketball to all parts of the community including youth, physically impaired and older generation in a central venue. All this is leading to securing a National League side within Exeter for both men, women and juniors – you may think this is ‘pie in the sky’ but I think it is achievable with the right people involved.


As you are aware the league can only be successfully run when we have enough referees, we have had ‘sustainable’ growth of teams in the recent years, however we are now reaching the point where we need more referees to ensure games can be played at scheduled times / days – we will be running courses for officials, and don’t want to have to bring back the previous enforced rule of a referee per team, therefore please ensure we reach out to all your members to see who would like to gain this qualification – we have a good success within Exeter & District in ensuring referees progress if they want to, and get the support where they require it – the cost should NOT be a reason why someone does not go on the referee’s course!

Possible Rule Change Discussions:

Change In League Points for games:

Current: 2 points for a win, 1 for a loss, 0 for forfeit
Proposed: 3 points for win, 2 points for loss if within certain margin (for discussion if accepted, 3, 5 or 7 points) or in overtime, 1 point for loss, 0 points for forfeit.

Enforced Use of ‘Man to Man’ defence in 3rd quarter – this will assist development of players and is similar to what Basketball England include.

What can we do better – We always welcome ideas – Registration deadlines - re player recruitment – end of season player shortages – league structure / competition - Play offs - number of National League players in team etc – let us know - all ideas will be discussed -- Please consider putting your name forward to join the committee or at least email ideas as we always welcome input to making changes and improving Exeter & District Basketball Association.

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4 days ago

Patrick Roberts

If you guys fancy a bit of Summer basketball outdoors this year there is a 3v3 tournament in Bournemouth (Right next to the beach) on Sunday 14th July.

This is already getting alot of teams involved in one of the Busiest outdoor basketball courts in the south!! Get a team together if you think you can win it all and take home the trophy 🏆

Check out the Flyer below...

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