In what will be our 60th season (2020/21) we will be including two ‘ALL-STAR’ games following the conclusion of the season.
87% voted in favour of the games, you spoke, we listened!

Coaches will be picked to keep an eye on the players during the season. Two games, one men’s, one ladies, 44 players across all divisions, 4 ‘guest’ spots for previous players!

Who will be chosen to fill the places and be chosen to be part of the ‘All-Star’ games at the end of the season.

Coaches will be chosen early in the season, they will be watching, and ‘eyeing’ up who should feature in their teams to go head to head.

Rules have been written to make this as an exclusive game as possible – and will involve ‘ex’ guest players!

Men’s game made up of 6 Division I players, 3 Division II players, 2 Division III players plus an ‘ex’ guest player.

Only allowed one player per team.

Ladies, no more than two per team and at least one player from each team, plus one ‘ex’ guest player.

No player can feature in All quarters, and every player MUST feature in 3 quarters unless injured.

Who will feature – well that’s all down to you, but should be a great spectacle!

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