With COVID-19 still on our mind, and social distancing, and self-isolation all in the news, it is time to think forward to when basketball returns! We are not sure when, or what format, but we know that basketball will return, and this will be our 60th season, and we would like you to be part of something really special.

There are several plans in process to contend with when the season will start due to COVID-19 – they are:

Plan A. Plan for a full season
Plan B. Two distinct halves of seasons, this will allow us to play just the 2nd half if we don’t start in September.
Plan C. Cup Competition – can be excluded or ‘slimmed’ down if required.

But what it does mean, is that we have to make a lot of plans, so please get your applications in promptly so we can get on with those plans – basketball will be back!

Please contact us for application form

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