As a stand against all forms of discrimination within our society, and with basketball holding a special place within the community as an all inclusive sport, we will be joining other sports in a stand against social media platforms lack of responsibility in ‘controlling their content’.
Exeter & District Basketball Association will join a four-day social media boycott in a stand against online racism and abuse by not publishing any content to social media.
Basketball involves players, volunteers, supporters and officials from diverse backgrounds and holds a special place within the community.
It is important that we take a stand against the online abuse and hate that comes from a small minority of people that hide behind the anonymity of their keyboard within social media platforms.
We hope by joining the collective boycott that it sends a message to those in power that signifies our collective anger at the damage this causes to the people who play, watch and work in our game.
Social media companies must do more to eradicate online hate, while highlighting the importance of educating people in the ongoing fight against discrimination.
We are still here, we have not forgotten you, and we will support you all.
The boycott will begin at 3pm on Friday 30 April and last until 11.59pm on Monday 3 May.
Together we are BASKETBALL

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