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In preparation for the upcoming season FIBA Europe’s Coaching Department has announced a number of improvements to its excellent FREE website dedicated to developing coaches.
The new features added are videos of coaching clinics around Europe and a Tactics & Execution section.Further updates to the existing features include new sorting tools for all tables (Drills, teams, players); new Calendar features – reoccurring events, exportable to Outlook etc; and improved functionality to the Practice Planner and Plays sections.

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The Master Class By Rick Wooldridge

Thanks from the Executive go to Rick Wooldridge for assistance in preparing this page, his knowledge is something that players and coaches alike can gain from.


Zone Offence

How To Defend

Taking The Initiative

How To Coach Players To ‘Get Free’

Handling Foul Trouble – Advice For Players

Useful links and web sites for coaches or prospective coaches out there to check out.
There are several books that have been personally recommended by Rick (so they can’t be all that bad!)
Coaching Basketball Successfully – Morgan Wootten – ISBN 0 – 88011 – 446 – 0
Skills of the game – Basketball – Lazlo Nemeth – ISBN 1 – 86126 – 478 – X
The Basketball Handbook – Lee Rose – ISBN 0 – 7360 – 4906 – 1
Shooting in the Dark – Jim Thompson – ISBN 1 – 886346 – 01 – 6
I would like to thank Rick for his time in compiling this information which can only assist with the development of players and teams in our area.