My name is Chris Davy, I am a Level 3 Coach and the co-founder of Exmouth Basketball Club. Over the years I have played, coached, and been the Chair of Exmouth Basketball Club. I have also coached at Exmouth Community College, Exeter College, and the University of Exeter.

I love basketball because it provides a great foundation to a healthy and happy life.

I have been a fan of the game since I was a little kid and I was introduced to it by my older brothers and their friends.

Even though I was introduced to basketball as a kid, growing up I participated mainly in football, tennis, and gymnastics. But after finishing University I wanted a way to improve my health and fitness. I always liked basketball and I knew it would help get me in good shape. So, I took the opportunity to form a club in the town I grew up in, Exmouth, and that is how I became a coach.

A funny story I will always remember is from when I was at school in Exmouth. We did basketball once for PE. We got to the point where we were all trying to score from half-court. No one could do it. Just as everyone was leaving I did it. Nobody saw apart from our PE Teacher, Mrs. Holland. At least, she told me she saw me make the shot. I am still convinced she told me that just to make me feel better; because I had been working my ass off and she knew I wanted someone to believe me.

Lows? Every shot I have ever missed, every foul I have ever been called for, every loss I have suffered. There is plenty of them. Sooooooo, let’s not waste too much time talking about it and just focus on getting better instead ; )

My biggest coaching high is simply founding the club in Exmouth. Trophies and championships are great, but without sustainable and well supported clubs in the first place there are no teams to compete for anything, anyway. The impact the club has had on my life and that of the members, and their families, has been fantastic. Sport has so many positives to offer individuals and communities, and I am immensely proud to say I helped to provide an alternative to what was on offer in Exmouth and that corner of Devon.

My advice to any newcomers to coaching is: