My Basketball Background 

Started playing Basketball in 1971 at Bushey Meads School, George Michael fame. Was lucky to have a Basketball player as a PE teacher who introduced me to the game. Played county, SE England and went onto go to the Guinness School of sport with the England side.  Always sticks out in my mind as it was the Day Elvis Presley died!

I then played National league with Watford Royals and some great players.  The Walters brothers, Mac Campbell, Dave Shelly, Tim Collins, Ken Pemberton, Cadi Frederick and Occasionally the great Larry Dassie. I consider myself blessed.

At about 22 I was asked by an old girlfriend if I would coach their team as they did not have a coach. 40 Years later I’m still here.

I’ve coached/Worked with National league at most levels both men and women and worked with hundreds of players from 8 year olds to ex NBA.  Even played some pick up with the great Bill Walton in San Diego when on holiday.

Funny Story. 

To be honest there are so many. But one sticks in my mind. We were playing in an U14 Nationals finals and getting thumped against Northampton. They had a very tall for her age girl about 6ft and well built. She came ploughing down the side line dribbling the ball with her head down right in front of our bench. Georgina Paul who some of you will know and was about 4 foot at the time set in front of her to take a charge. I honestly thought she was going to be seriously injured as we had only just worked on taking charges. At the very last second Georgina turns her head  to our bench and winks at me! She then gets smashed back yards on her butt, gets the call jumps up and runs off like nothing had happened. She had done everything perfectly.

Other Stories that made the short list. 

Near Naked Germans showering in the M3 car park.

Seeing my team mate chased around the court by a lady with an Umbrella.

Getting dunked on in front of 3000 people.

The Naked Burglar interrupting my Coaching session.

The Oxford Jail Mist.

The Dam Busters re visit Germany. T

The lost basketball player in Holland.

And on and on! But these are for over a beer. Ask me when you see me.

Highs in Coaching. 

Seeing any player progress.

Lows in Coaching. 

Seeing talent walk away from the game as they do not have the commitment.

Advise to new Coaches. 

Steal from the best coaches whenever you can. Re-invent yourself every off season. It’s your duty to your players. I wish I had done this earlier.

Don’t Coach Basketball, coach people and learn from them. If a session or game goes by and you have not picked up on something new, well you’re not doing your job. In my mind I stopped Coaching Basketball 25 yeas ago.

Be positive with officials. It took me years to get this one. They are human and will make mistakes just like you.

Learn how to run Motions against all defences. It’s much more fun and will challenge you as a Coach.

Lastly have fun! It’s a game. Smile and laugh as much as you can. You are in a privileged position. Enjoy it.

Keith Henman.