In what could be a ‘game changer’ for local league players and coaches, Exeter & District Basketball Association are excited to welcome a new addition to the ‘team’, with a link up as ‘Ambassador’ for the Veo Sports camera system.

This system will not only record games when available for YouTube, but produce automated highlights within 24 hours via its Intelligence system, and probably the most exciting part for both players and coaches, if you sign up for the system via EDBA (it’s free by the way), you can produce your own highlights of your best bits (or worst) for your family and friends, download to your social media, or maintain a compilation for when you want to ‘advertise’ your basketball skills and take your experience further whether via National League, University or wherever.

Now wouldn’t we all have liked a download for prosperity of that great 3 pointer, that great block, or just how good you are!

The Veo camera will be coming to games near you this coming season – our diamond season!

We are hoping that more cameras will become available if this move is a success, and why shouldn’t it be!

If you want further information regarding the system please liaise with us (discounts are available if your club is considering getting it’s own system via EDBA).

The future is bright, the future is orange, and the future definitely is Exeter & District Basketball Association!


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