We are excited to be offering for the first time ever in Exeter & District Basketball Association’s history, a ‘lotto’ for members only, this means that any prizes are for members ONLY!


Mark the date in your calendar – NOVEMBER 7th is your first live draw, get your tickets anytime before then. Lotto is now published via the live link: https://play.clubforce.com/play_newa.asp?ll_id=2968#Anchor



This ‘lotto’ will be run via our ClubForce App, which if you haven’t downloaded already, you need to get on it! (Details will be at the end of this notice). Having studied successfully run lotto’s around the local area, we will base it upon the most successful with a twist!



Now you will want to know about prizes, firstly the main prize will start at £500 and increase weekly if not won, BUT will be capped at £5000, at that stage financial prizes will roll down to weekly entrants. The top prize will be to match 5 numbers, but there will also be ‘lucky dip’ prizes most weeks, if not weekly and will include merchandise from our sponsor ‘Sixthman’ and ‘Baller’ (images below), but also cash prizes to those that enter, that means that each week people will definitely win.


Now for the ‘twist’, throughout the season (and ending on the last draw in June) there will be ‘team’ prizes, when you choose your numbers you are ‘offered’ to link your favourite team (if you wish to). At the end of June we will analyse the lotto sales to identify those teams marked as ‘favourite’ by our lotto sales, and the team prizes will be:





I hope you are as excited as we are to be offering this lotto with such good prizes both for individuals and the teams you support, any money generated will be utilised for basketball in the area and cut the overall cost down to you plus to get more people involved in basketball in our area, and to develop further.


We want to facilitate more junior basketball in schools, more Central Venue Competitions for juniors (this will be assisted when Middlemoor is back on line), with the development of juniors playing will come more adult teams, and hopefully National League for the area for both male and female players – we want you to be part of this evolution, help us achieve.


We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation and want to be the best at what we do, within the Southwest at least!

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