Plate Final Exeter Uni 1 vs Exmouth Knights. They have met 2 times in the league already and Exeter University have won both games.

The game tipped off with Uni 1 winning the tip but did not convert. Knights took possession and Matt Cuthbert immediately hit a 3 pointer, Uni 1 immediately did the same via Joel De Lara Bond. Knights then went on a 6 point run via Captain / Coach Julez Menzies. Uni 1 came back with 6 of their own points. Knights then went on another run of 9 unanswered points Uni 1 zone defence does not seem to be working against Knights. End of the 1st quarter 17 to 23 to Knights.

2nd quarter starts with a change of defence by Uni 1 to man. This seems to be causing trouble for Knights as they struggled to adjust their offense. Uni managed to make a number of stops but still baskets were being traded. Uni 1 are struggling to score inside as Knights are playing a 2 1 2 defence. Uni 1 are having to settle for long and mid range jump shots which seem to be working as they hit 4 3’s in the quarter and take a lead in to the half of 44 to 40 with Uni Joel De Lara Bond scoring 12 of the points.

Knight came out strong in the 3rd quarter with a new game plan giving the brother Matt and Lewis Cuthbert isolation plays. Uni 1 seemed to struggle with Matt and Lewis both scoring 14 and 9 respectively. Uni 1 also started fouling a lot as they could not deal with pressure. Uni still stayed in the game with great junp shooting and yet another great quarter by Joel De Lara Bond with 3 threes and A.Goh scoring 7 point from mid range. End of the quarter score 64 all. This is a close one and very entertaining game to watch.

The final quarter was set up to be a good one not knowing who was going to win this game. Knights came out strong with the first 5 points but was immediately answered by 4 of Uni 1. Coming into this final quarter Joel De Lara Bond of Uni 1 and Matt Cuthbert of Knights both were on 4 fouls and vital players of both teams. Uni 1 also had to keep an eye on other players as by 3rd minute in 2 others were on 4 fouls. The score went back and forth and in the 6th minute of this final quarter Uni 1 hit a 3 to take them into a 3 point lead. Lewis from Knights drove hard into the paint and was fouled and sent to the line with that Joel de Lara Bond was fouled out. Only 1 of 2 were hit making it a 2 point game. Uni hit back with one of only few inside baskets by D.Song. Lewis then drove hard again which he has done most of the game and was fouled sending him to the line and putting Uni 1 on team fouls. Lewis then missed both so Uni 1 were still 4 points ahead. Uni 1 then went to there inside man E. Murray who was fouled. Murray hit 1 of the 2 FT to take Uni to a 5 point lead with 2 minutes left to play. Knights who had only fouled once in the half needed some stops and baskets and they did with 4 unanswered points making the score 81 to 82 in Uni 1 favour. The problem now was Knights needed the ball back with 30 seconds left to play, One of the dis-advantages Knights had was they had not fouled earlier in the quarter so could not send Uni 1 to the line to get the ball back. Uni 1 shot the basket but missed but got the rebound and missed again Knights could not get a defensive board and Murray managed to tap in a rebound making it 81 to 84 to university with 3 seconds left to play. Uni 1 full court pressed and Knights could not get the ball in to attempt to win the game and the buzzer went Uni 1 the winners.

It was an amazing game to watch both teams played very well and neither team deserved to lose but there can only be one winner.

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