Registration of teams to enter the league and cup competitions within the jurisdiction of the Exeter and District Basketball Association are required prior to the AGM in June each year. Application forms are available from March each year and are supplied to clubs already in the league – alternatively if you require to enter the league please contact the General Secretary via this website and I will gladly forward the relevant paperwork to you and discuss options.

The costs for teams each season for initial registration were £50 League entry (including Play-Offs), £50 cup entry (to two knock-out competitions) with a £50 surety held until the end of the season.

Costs have hardly fluctuated for over ten seasons, within the Exeter & District league, cup and Play Off set up it should be remembered that we take care of ALL referee costs (we allocate and cover their expenses so you don’t have to worry about either the organisation or payment of officials concerned).

The costs for teams for the each season depend on the number of games within the league that are planned (so obviously subject to number of teams entered, division size etc) but as an indication all divisions costs are:

Approximately £40 per league game arranged (if there are 10 league games it is approximately £400), the £50 entry fee is deducted from this, PLUS if full season costs are paid with first quarterly bill within the set time limits the costs for the year will be subject to a further 10% reduction, therefore would be £310 still to pay (the £50 surety is returned at the end of the year of not used).

All divisional costs are on an equal footing.

There is no further charge (other than the £50 entry fee) for Cup even if you progress further than the original 2 games. There is also no further charge if your team reaches and is involved in the ‘post season’ Play Off competition.

There is no further charge if any of your players are selected for the post season ‘All-Star’ games which due to the rules make it more inclusive to players across all teams and divisions.

Costs vary dependant on how many league games each team is scheduled to participate in during the season.

Teams are expected to submit short match reports during the season to promote basketball in the area via the FB account.

Entry forms found on the ‘downloads’ tab.


All players must individually (or via parents / guardians if juniors) register with Exeter & District Basketball Association via our on-line portal (currently the cost is £25 for senior, and £5 for juniors under the age of 18 on 1st September):

Individual Memberships


All those that register should also download the free app when prompted and like / favourite ‘Exeter & District Basketball Association’, this assists in keeping participants updated.

All players MUST have been registered via the EDBA on-line portal prior to stepping on court for competition (this is an annual payment). This doesn’t prevent extra / new players being registered during the season.

The portal ‘holds’ all the required annual agreements such as media, safeguarding and Code of Conduct records.

Exeter & District Basketball Association has their own Public Liability Insurance to run and operate a basketball league within our rules, it should be noted that this does not include individual personal injury cover for participants, there are sports insurance specialists that you can gain insurance from if that is what you wish, alternatively Basketball England offers a player registration that includes a minimal personal injury cover, plus some other benefits, you can register with BE via the below on-line portal, but this is not essential for participation in any EDBA activity for players:

Basketball England Individual Player registration is all electronic now via the below link:


Exeter and District Basketball also have a ‘hardship’ fund to assist players into the game and to remain as players and any requests for assistance are considered by the Executive Committee confidentially.

All BE insurance forms along with benefits can be found under the ‘downloads’ tab.

Alternatively, follow the link to register electronically!!

Floor Officials / Coaches / Table Officials

ALL of the above have to register with both BE and our own on-line portal, there is no cost for registration via our portal.

Volunteers / Supporters

Anyone involved within our game that wants to be kept informed of what is going on, and to obtain tickets to events if numbers are restricted due to COVID conditions can register via our on-line portal for free:


Basketball is here for the fun and enjoyment of all, we shall do everything in our power to ensure that it is a safe environment for all.