COVID has made us all re-assess available courts, and as such Exeter & District Basketball Association realise the potential of these outdoor areas to providing potential training and court areas to players around the area.

We have started conversations with councils around our area to ‘enhance’ these courts to provide a valuable resource to the public as a whole.

We do realise that there is a huge cost involved in maintaining and revamping these areas, and as such various income streams including sponsorship, council awards, community funds and national and regional authorities are being explored.

The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022 also includes 3 x 3 basketball for the first time which will produce an uplift in interest for basketball across the country and it is important that we build a legacy for the future.

Please let us know of any outdoor courts (including postcodes) that need some ‘loving’, if you can assist financially please get in touch, as we need to turn these courts into something to be proud of within our neighbourhoods!

As part of the ‘roll out’ of basketball across the area, during the summer months we will be bringing basketball to an outside court area near you, to introduce players to teams, and basketball to the public.

Help us increase the popularity of basketball in the region.

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