The Association shall be named The Exeter and District Basketball Association, hereinafter called the Association.


  1. To develop, promote and encourage all aspects of basketball
  2. To act as the controlling body for basketball in Exeter and the surrounding district, within the overall jurisdiction of Basketball England to which the Association shall be affiliated.
  3. To approve, organise, administer, and promote basketball within its district.
  4. Constitution

The Association shall be constituted of its members as hereafter defined and any honorary members who may be appointed by the Association.


Members shall be clubs and / or individuals.  All except honorary members shall be currently registered with the Association.  Additionally, all clubs (hereinafter including any similar corporations) shall be current members of Basketball England, and all individuals should be encouraged to license with Basketball England.

Honorary members shall include both Life ‘Presidents and Vice Presidents’ who shall have no voting rights.

All members of the Association at the time of registration shall read and agree to comply with the Codes of Conduct and Ethics, members shall also be advised of the Association’s guidance on Photography, Video and Live Streaming of matches at the time of registration and agreement / consent for such action should last no longer than a year.

The association shall have the power to refuse any application for membership, and to suspend any member from membership.  Any member shall have the right to resign from membership subject to accepting joint liability with all other members for any liabilities of the Association extent at the time of resignation, and to relinquishing any claims the Member might have on the Association, its funds and equipment.


There shall be an annual fee for registration of individual players with the association, to be set by the Executive Committee, in addition to the Basketball England fees.  All clubs and individuals, not licensed with Basketball England through the Association, shall pay an additional registration fee being the sum which the Association previously would have received as its share of the license fee for development.

Management Committee

Responsibility for the management of the Association’s affairs shall be held by the Management Committee, consisting of the officers hereinafter defined, and one competent delegate from each club in membership.

In addition, the Executive Committee may co-opt not more than four members, such co-option to terminate no later than the following Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The Management Committee shall convene at least three times a year including once in the month of September (this may be remotely).

Each team must be represented by an individual member from that club, who may be an Officer acting in a dual capacity but who shall nevertheless have only one vote at each Management Committee meeting.  The quorum shall be nine.  Votes shall be decided by a simple majority, with the Chairman having a casting vote if necessary.

The Management shall have the power to delegate any of its functions to sub-committees, with or without conditions or over-riding policies; having done so the Management Committee shall not have the power to alter retrospectively any decision of the relevant sub-committee unless a relevant condition or policy has not been adhered to; and, on those grounds only, any member shall have the right of appeal to the Management Committee against a decision of a sub-committee.


The Officers of the Association shall, if there are persons willing to serve in these capacities, consist of President, Vice-Presidents, Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Safeguarding / Welfare Officer plus up to ten additional Officers.  Officers shall retire annually and shall be eligible for re-election.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be a standing sub-committee of the Management Committee.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers (not including Vice-Presidents).  The Management Committee shall delegate to the Executive Committee the management of the day to day affairs of the Association, and the power to create further Officers posts and fill any vacancy.

Particularly, the Executive Committee shall have the responsibility for conducting League and other competitions, and for controlling registration of members, and for appointing a League Secretary to administer these functions on whatever terms it thinks appropriate.

The Executive Committee shall convene independently during the year including once between the Annual General Meeting and the September Management Committee meeting (this may be remotely). Additionally, Management Committee meetings shall automatically incorporate Executive Committee meetings.  The Executive Committee shall have the power to form sub-committees (these may be disciplinary, fixtures, tournament, emergency, finance, technical, competition, development, rules etc), and to appoint officers to specific roles (such as Fixtures Secretary, Referees Secretary etc).


The financial year shall end on the last day of May, and a statement of the Associations accounts (subject to audit) up to and including this date shall be presented at the AGM.  In the event of dissolution of the Association, any remaining assets shall be devoted to objects similar to those of the Association, or to any other purposes approved by the Commissioners of the Inland Revenue.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM takes place in June.  The Executive Committee shall report on its activities for the preceding year.  Officers shall be elected for the following year.  Any other items for the Agenda must be submitted to the General Secretary by the Executive Committee, or at least two individual members and / or one club, and be pre-circulated to all Officers and clubs at least two weeks before the meeting, and be framed as resolutions.  No formal business shall be conducted which is not on the agenda.  The rules of conduct shall be the same as for the Management Committee Meeting, except that no alteration to this Constitution shall be made other than by at least two thirds of the members present and entitled to vote.

Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting shall be convened by the Chairman to take place within three weeks of receiving a request from the Executive Committee or a petition drawn by at least half of the clubs.  The rules of conduct shall be the same as for the AGM.


Any persons, whether or not in membership of the Association, to the extent that they are not protected by such insurance as is provided by Basketball England and other Public Liability Insurance to its members and licensees, participate in any activities under the auspices of the Association at their own risk.  The Association does not accept any liability for any damage or injury to persons, including when transported to participate in such activities.

May 2021