Sanctions / Fees


a) Non-attendance at Management Meeting or AGM £25.00 and possible point deduction in league

b) Failure of a team to fulfil a scheduled match – costs plus default £25.00

c) Maximum fine by Discipline Committee £50.00

d) Automatic minimum 2 match ban for a ‘proven’ discipline issue that was subject to appeal at Discipline Committee

e) Failure of coach to ensure correct entry of registration numbers on score sheet (fine for each incorrect entry) 50p

f) All other offences £5.00

g) Re-arrangement fee for games £5.00

h) Appeal fee £25.00

i) Late payment for quarterly fee £25.00

j) Fielding of an ineligible player – default of game (plus possible fine)

h) Bringing game into disrepute – default of game (plus possible fine)


N.B. These sanctions / fees shall be applied automatically and, except for f) and g) shall be repeatedly doubled up for successive repetitions for the same offence. The first occurrence of a score sheet fine will receive a warning followed by a £5.00 fine on the next occasion. The maximum basic fine for any given score sheet shall be £5.00, each use of each incorrect player registration counts as a separate offence. The Executive Committee may also apply other sanctions as it sees fit, where it is considered necessary. The Executive Committee shall offer support and guidance to teams experiencing difficulties in complying with the rules.


Competition Fees


a) League Entry £100.00 (but incorporated in league fees)

b) Cup Entry £50.00

c) Surety for good conduct £50.00 per team


Officials Expenses


a) Match expenses will be as per current Basketball England scales.

b) Each team will share the total cost of the official’s expenses in proportion to the number of league games that are to be played by the team. The league will submit accounts for these costs during the season.