With our 60th Season approaching, we are looking at further expansion, and therefore need more officials – there has never been a better time for you to qualify, the first part is ‘online’ for you to do in your time, the practical part will be at the beginning of the season, followed by 3 ‘assessed’ matches during the season.
Within Exeter & District we have a full mentor system to support new officials from within our experienced members.
There couldn’t be a better financial package, we will support you getting qualified (if you will be officiating in our league), you get the £25 local league player membership discounted, plus you get expenses when you officiate.
It is a great qualification to have whatever your age, and as a player gives you the advantage of ‘knowing’ where the official will / should be looking as you play your game!
If we are going to continue going from strength to strength we need you to step up and step forward, don’t let us have to go back to the times when teams were ‘enforced’ to supply an official for each team entered!
Come and join us, PM us to get advice / discuss the package available.

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